New to this and need some extra eyes

So, my son is 11 and he decided to give a skateboard build his best. He’s saved his money and researched to the best of his ability but is stuck. He has hooked everything up for a test power up and no luck. Can anyone see anything wrong from the pictures. We have searched through other posts but no luck. Appreciate any help if possible. Best, Marc

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You’re mixing the batteries which is very dangerous, and that’s only a 4s system while that esc is either 6/7/10s (you’d need to check for 2 solder pads marked 6s and 7s, take a picture of them), also that esc might be for hub motors in which case it will not work with that motor. Do you get any lights when you press the power button?


Thank you very much for your help. My son greatly appreciates it and is learning. We will eliminate the battery that doesn’t match so thank you for that. What is a 4s system vs 6s or 7s? When powered up he gets lights etc but zero throttle response. Just a slight click if he hits reverse. Zero motor movement forward or reverse. Sorry about the lack of knowledge regarding this from Dad.

If both pads are not connected it’s 10s I believe. You have 3x 2s batteries at the moment so you could do all 3 in series and have 6s, but they will not charge or discharge the same because one is different

Thank you. Sorry but I dont know what pads are. ? Will this possibly fix the issue?

Best, Marc

Middle of the photo there are 2 white rectangles with 2 silver squares each, and a number (6s or 7s) in white next to it

If 6 is bridged with solder it will be 6s, if 7 is bridged with solder it will be 7s, if neither is bridged it will stay 10s

Ok. Again, Thankyou for helping us out. He’s trying hard to build this board so I really appreciate your help with this.

Best, Marc

I dont see any solder unless it’s done on the backside and isn’t visible or srperable to view.

What brand and model is the vesc?

That’s not a VESC.

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