New Trampa Vertigo Trucks and Superstar Wheels. SK3 motors. Florida

Prices are shipped in the US

Vertigo Trucks, Black Springs, Green Dampas $240

Superstar Wheels w/7” In-line Tires $185

SK3 6374 - 149kv Motors. Non sensored $130

Eboosted Enclosure $150

image image image


Do you have a link or info to that lcd mount etc?

The mount for the battery meter? I made it

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If you part out I’m interested in the rims and deck

Yes, Are you willing to share the file?

How much for the deck?

To the top…

Is the escapes still available?

Yes it is

10 char

Do you have some more pics of them? Also, is it 2 singles or 1 dual?

Dual in aluminum housing



So its on one PCB? How much?

Willing to part out trucks?

PM sent 10 chars

How is this still avaible ;D wtf

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What part of Florida are you located in? Anywhere near Miami?

Fort Myers so 2-2.5 hrs away I believe

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No it’s two pcbs, just one heatsink

I may need to start parting this out.