New Trottinette (Electric Scooter), Advice needed

Hello guys, I am building and electric kick scooter using a VESC 4.12, a 149KV Turnigy Motor and a 8S or 12S LiPO battery setup.

For controlling the scooter I am using two electric throttles for e-bikes (commons from ebay) and I have written a custom app using vedder’s tutorial which works smoothly for the moment (I have written only the throttle, while the second control will serve for electric braking).

As I am not expert with poles and ERPM I would like to get some advice on how to configure limits for this scooter. It has a wheel with a 200mm diameter and 5:1 gearing.

Any advices on limits, current limits and other critical information before connecting the batteries would be much much appreciated.

For the batteries I planned to use a 12S configuration but I blew very easily my previously used vesc so I would go for 8S at least for starters.

Of course in parallel I will try to understand on my own ERPM & limits configuration.


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And ingenious way of using a styrofoam plate as a deck for the scooter…should dampen the vibrations lol

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There’s a guy called beetbocks on the ES forum who is building these as well. Might be worth checking his builds out.

Well this is a draft, I plan to make aluminum deck but from casted aluminum, let’s just not focus on the deck right now :slight_smile:

If I have a motor with that is 149KV

but the Calculated KV: 840.96 rpm/volt

when using detection from BLDC_tool, what does this mean?

I went through a lot of the documentation but…

Is this a good back emf plot? I assume not.

Coming from the guy who goes eboard parts shopping at IKEA


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Hells to the yeah

And if you look closely … A few other have followed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

did u finish this build? I am really curious to find out how the range will compare to a longboard.

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Would you mind sharing your app for the throttle?? Thanks!

Sadly the guy hasn’t been on the forum in 3 years I don’t think he will send the app.

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