New version 2.1 - iOS eSkate VESC app for standard and ackmaniac FW

I’m pleased to announce you the second version of IOS eSkate VESC. The application to monitor your VESC with standard or Ackmaniac firmware.

What’s new in version 2.x ?

  • Compatible with iOS 11
  • Select the metrics you want to see
  • Organize by Drag&Drop your metrics
  • New colors themes
  • New BT management
  • Support for 3.x VESC Firmware and Ackmaniac FW
  • Support for Metric/Imperial units
  • Add eRPM Max config
  • Several bugs fixed

Realtime The application provide you realtime data of your e-skatebord VESC:

  • Voltage
  • Speed (real and GPS)
  • Current
  • Temperature
  • Power (watts)
  • Consumtion (mAh)
  • Distance
  • and more …

Data recording The app record your session information and export you the data in VDLA file format.


Wireless VESC setup You can also change VESC setup across the app (min/max current for battery/motor, eRPM and watt limit for ackmaniac watt mode).

More to come I’m already working on new features:

  • battery limit sound alarm,
  • configuration profiles,

Next version will arrive very soon. And I’m widely open to all suggestion about new features.

OpenSource / pay version ? I plan to opensource the application. At this moment, Apple policy make me to pay 99€ to share the application with you across the app store. I have been thinking about donation, but I’ve decided to put a very small price on this app (around 4$), to make the cost of this app negligible for you and for me.I’ll keep your informed on this point.

Bluetooth Connection We’ve been using this app all the summer, and it’s working great. I’m using HM-10 bluetooth module, but it should work with others similar module. If you have trouble connecting the app to your VESC there is a “send debug infos” button to send me needed data to help you.

The application is compatible with standard VESC firmware (2.18), new VESC firmware (3.27, 3.28, 3.29 and 3.30) and ackmaniac firmware (2.53, 2.54 and 3.100).

App store link


Not a bad looking app for $4.

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How does it connect with Vesc? Bluetooth? I Didint see any details in description above. Are there specifics Bluetooth modules that work with it?

I just bought and installed it, and it connected instantly via bluetooth. If you could make it as comprehensive as the almanac version, that’d be awesome! I really like the fact that you can video record your rides, and the battery % and mile logging is great as well. I have a $30 android phone that I’ve been using, but don’t enjoy taking 2 phones with me on skate trips. Thanks for the work on this app! Ken

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Yes it connect using bluetooth connection. I’m using an HM-10 module found on ebay, and it’s working great. It should work with similar serial bluetooth module. I’ve add some precision about that in the original post.

Will there be apple watch support? Lookin good, will try it out soon :wink:


Exactly, I have several ideas for that.


It seems as the log file is VDLA compatible?

Great to hear! On the side note, these esk8 apps were the main reason I got one recently :slight_smile: haha It really is convenient for these type of applications, beside being smart of course…

Yes it’s. And thank you for your work, it’s very useful.


Hi @emmaanuel ! Good to hear from you here ! :smile:

I’ve been beta tester across the development of the app and one thing I need to tell you is that Emanuel is a very nice guy who take any suggestions and remark very seriously and implement it immediately. Love the way to work with.

I’m also a defender of Open Source projects and we talked about that with him. But Apple policy really sucks and it’s a big cost to support alone if the app is offered for free. Hope he can manage soon or later to switch it to the wonderful OS world. That being said (and known), paying $4 is not a big deal. :wink:

Can’t wait for the future releases ! :slight_smile:


This is great! The biggest benefit in my opinion is the ability to change VESC settings from your phone. You have no idea how many times I’ve had friends want to try my board and then almost get thrown off and complain it’s too aggressive. The configuration profiles will allow a quick change to beginner mode, so people won’t kill themselves when trying out the board.

Seems like the HM-10 bluetooth module is the best option for using with this app. Is there a specific seller on eBay you recommend I get it from?

Is there a need of custom FW in order to adjust Vesc settings over the app?

No, it’s compatible with FW2.18, Ackmaniac 2.54 and soon the new FW3.27. :wink:

Just tried it out for the first time on the Raptor 2. Seems to connect okay, but speed is off, like 2x actual speed. I have the teeth settings at 1 for motor and 1 for pulley (hub motor), does that make a difference? Also what should my ‘Poles Number’ setting be? 14? Apologies for my ignorance, I’m not a DIYer. Also, in the main screen, ‘battery %’ and ‘remaining range’ would be something good to include I think.


@Mickyboy I was about to leave the same kind of comment :wink:, I have the same issue, so for testing purpose I’ve put the wheel diameter to 45mm, so I can get a more accurate speed.

I think the problem is mostly on Hubs configuration, it look to me that the app as a problem with 1 to 1 gear ratio.

If I may suggest, why not use gps.

Still great app and good work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It worked great under beta test. But AFAIK it’s mostly a vocabulary mistake between “poles pair number” and “poles number” in the config. Try 7 if 14 or 14 if 7 (I don’t remember which way).

Problem is the motor is 28 not 14…

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In that case, try 28 :smile:

Yeah i’ve try

it here is at 28