New version 2.1 - iOS eSkate VESC app for standard and ackmaniac FW

Wait for @emmaanuel, he will help you :wink:

But it work on 14 pole… I think That I might skip that way of setting it up… :sweat_smile:

Good to hear it’s working for you now. I think you are right, it’s a “pole pair number” and not a “pole number”, I’ll fix the label in the next update. @Mickyboy , you can divide by 2 the “pole number” and your speed should be ok.

The teeth number of 1 and 1 is correct for hub motor, it’s a ratio used when you have a pulley.

The GPS speed and the wheel speed are both recorded when you use VDLA export, so you can verify everything is correct. In my case, the two curves fits perfectly.

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Yeah but GPS speed is always at 0… I might have miss a setting or something :sweat_smile:

Hi Johnny, I don’t see anything on the map of your screenshot, have you allowed the application to access to your GPS data ? The iPhone ask you this autorisation the 1st time you launch the application.

if the GPS data are available, the distance should be colorized (green=good location accuracy):

Hummm… It’s kinda weird, It hasn’t ask me any question at the start and I can’t access it trough the parameters menu.

Never Mind I just found how :sweat_smile:

Good news. Enjoy the data recording, it’s very nice for fine tuning your app.

Any specifics on connection parameters? Baud rate etc? I cannot get this to connect (HM-10), the module just flashes red.

You can use the standard parameter (9600 bauds) to connect your HM10 to your VESC, but it should work either with 115200 bauds. For the wiring there is a couple a tutorial on this website, but basically is:

For the iPhone application, don’t forget to choose your BT Device:

Is the latest firmware already supportet?

And are there any important differences in bluetooth modules? Got a HC-06 a while ago, that should work?

The firmware 3.28 is not supported yet. But I’m planning to work on it during the next week.

I’ve never tried the HC-06, but if you have been using it with others applications, it should work.

Not sure that iPhone are compatible with other bluetooth than HM-10.

Ive tried connecting iPhone to HC-05 and HC-06 in same manner as illustration without luck(even played around with different settings on both BT modules via “AT commands”). Have a HM-10 coming in on the 12th next week. Cant wait to start use the new App, thanks for the hard work.


I’ve been checking and Pimousse is right: HC-05/06 are non BLE modules. For iphone, use HM-10 or HM-11.

Got it hooked up and reading from iPhone via HM-10:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: warning…following list could just be user error Q1; How or will there be an option for speed kmp/mph in display? Q2; .csv file, some of the columns are labeled wrong/different when i view from email(google sheets). -motor teeth = 12 (mine=38) - wheel size = 80mm (mine=76mm) -the Map when i go to website to view data???probably my phone/area -there are other empty columns but im assuming for ackmaniac.

Lovin the real time data & being able to change VESC settings on the fly:thumbsup:


Hi Scoo_B, nice to see it’s working. Thanks for your feedbacks: Q1: Yes, it’s definitely missing. I’m reviewing some stuff from the interface. I’ll had this option. Q2: Well done, you found a bad bug :slight_smile: I’ve just fixed it. I’ll push the correction in the next update.

Thanks for time spent on the app @emmaanuel. Anyone else have issues writing? Everything reads perfecting fine but when i try to change settings it shows saving settings for some time and then fails.

Update: I’m wondering if it is that I actually do not have an HM-10 but rather a HC-05

Hello, Yes the HC05 is probably the source of your problem. Even with HM10 module the write timeout present in the VESC firmware is very short, so the module need to be good enough to send all the configuration in a very short time. The HC-05 is probably to slow for that. But I haven’t a HC05 to confirm this. We can buy a HM10 for a couple of $, try it.

I also was/am not able to write new configuration via iPhone & HM-10 module. Was going to try connecting Vesc + HM-10 to PC via bluetooth and try and write that way to see about connection/writing speeds. Also havent had good luck with with a baud rate other than 9600… would this be the issue with being able to write new settings?
With this app I’ve already been able to figure out a few items/issues i probably wouldnt have been able to otherwise… Thanks very much for your time and effort @emmaanuel

I saw the same thing. I need to be at 9600 bauds between HM10 and VESC to be able to write VESC settings. I’ve noticed it depends on the HM10 quality. I’ll order a bunch of different clone to make some test.

@cody00 are you at 9600 bauds ?