New Vesc for sale

I am doing a shop cleanout and the VESC is the last thing to go. Shipping within USA. Open to offers

(1) APS Vesc 4.12 ($60 shipped) image

Interested in the motors , brand ?

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What kinda deck is it? Bamboo, maple? How flexible? Length(like distance between inner holes)?

Not sure to be honest. Caught them off a forum member for a board I never built.

They look similar to the 180kv ones sold by diyeboard, also look a bit like alien motors

would you ship the 10s 8a brick to Sydney Australia.?

If I don’t find someone local then maybe.

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It’s a maple deck. No flex. Will check on the length in the morning

Interested in the push to start switch if it can do 12s.

Yes it can. Pm’ed

I’ll take the shred lights

Next in line for shred lights if above doesn’t work out

Are the motors mounts sold individually or for both

The set for $35.

The shredlights are sold.

Removing all the sold items.

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Price drop on the Vesc! LETS GET THESE THINGS SOLD! Best offer takes it on everything

Anyone interested in this drive system? Combo for $200 for the trucks, motors, wheels, motor mounts and VESC.

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How much is the 10S 8A charger shipped to 63101?

@b264 Sorry man. That ones already sold.

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