New VESC from China. Seems like not only Maytech is making VESC's now

Thanks for your answer. Sorry, but I do not understand this part (english is not my native language :confused:): the MOS we used now Are you saying that you are not using the mosfets that are in your VESC description ? Are you using other FETs ?

May I repeat my question ? why have you chosen these new FETs and not the original ones (4.12) if the original ones were better ? Is ther an electrical argument ? Is it an availability issue ?

MOS means MOSFET, Sorry not make you clear, new FETs smaller and after we test, it 's same performance in FSESC as original.

Anybody knows FlipSky have a promotions " last week of August"? Come on, not miss "last week"again :smile: image

I know that MOS means MOSFET :wink:. From your sentence, I (wrongly) understood that you used other mosfets than those in the description of your ESCs. OK, so the reason to use the new FETs is a casing issue. They are smaller than tho original ones.

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well i guess their fets run a bit hotter, but compensate that with a heatsink included. Would be nice to see a performance test vs a usual 4.12 Vesc. At least they reaaaally got the pricepoint down.


So , where new dual 6.6 FSESC ?)

You mean Dual ESC6.6 90amp continue? Will available next week, sorry for the delay.

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If you haven’t realized this whole esc is on cheaper side, cheap mosfets, half capacity capacitors, I wouldn’t be surprised that expensive high voltage ceramic ones are missing as I haven’t seen any big ceramic caps on the other side…

Just be careful with experimenting with it… Run on comfy safe limits, I doubt this hardware support real alternative limits like original 4.12 or 6…

FSESC4.12 VS MINI FSESC4.20 test video, check on our blogs.


@BarbaraZ Can you comment on the specific point of ceramic capacitors from @Kug3lis ? If I am correct, this point is not explained in the link. This has shown to be a crucial point of reliability in the VESC design (changelog from VESC4.7 to VESC4.12 and upgrade from Chaka relied largely on higher grader ceramic capacitors).

Well just looking at that blog post got some good looking jokes :smiley:


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I have been running the ESC in FOC with 240kv motors on 10S without any issues for some time now! I think it is a very good deal for the price so I decided to sell them on my website! You can check it out here, they are on preorder right now and will be available on the 9th of September (maybe even a little earlier depending on shipping).



The high power integrated inductance may be more expensive, but are they more reliable / performing better ?? That’s the real question, isn’t it ?

They talk about inductor and marks capacitors, they still use the same inductor just in different package… The person who wrote about it has not much idea what he is talking about…



I have a question for everyone who has a flipsky 6.6 (maybe other have the same issue?)

Does anyone notice wrong voltage measurements by the vesc?

My real battery voltage at the terminals is lets say 35.5 V, but the vesc sees 34V (in vesc tool, and the measurement is very erratic, fluctuates very fast in ± 0.5V approximately) when mesuring voltage inside vesc on the xt connector i also see normal 35.5V

Strangely I first noticed this on my voltmeter, which is a 3 wire one - i feed ground and +5V from the ppm output on the ESC and the sense wire goes dorectly to + terminal on the XT conmector. On 4.12 vesc this was ok, i had correct readings. i got confused when i saw wrong reading in Vesc tool too. So this must be an issue in the ESC itself?

@Kug3lis any idea what might be causing this? Electronics is not my strong suit… @BarbaraZ do you know about this?

Perfectly now that I got 3 Flipsky vesc6 :grin: if that true it’s a major issue. Really bad

Can you test this?

I also noticed that the measured to real difference changes with voltage of the pack. When i charged to 41, vesc saw like 40.5v, so 0.5volt diff. when pack is at 35.5, vesc sees 34. Already a 1.5v diff. That is very strange to me.

I am getting them this week from the EU group buy. So it will take some times before I have time to install them. @hyperIon1 did test them a lot. Do you have the same issue or notice it? Thx :grin:

We have corrected the description in the blog about ceramic capacitors and inductor, thank you for your suggestion @kug3lis There are 8pcst ceramic capacitors in the mini ESC4.20, you can check the details on our website, or I can mark it here. We optimized the circuit design. After our tests, reducing the capacitance has no effect on the controller, works very well. (I have explained it many times) On the inductor we use use molding power choke, It has great anti-EMI performace, more costly. Due to the 1% deviation in the accuracy of the resistor, resulting in a gap between the actual voltage and the voltage on the vesc tool is about 0.5v. If you have more questions, wait to see review from others builders. Thanks for all feedback here.

Probably AS switch Mosfet resistance decreases voltage :smiley: and that missing volts are burned as heat :wink:

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