New vesc/motor bundles are going to be late

It would be nice to have some info when Enertion can’t supply their items as promised. I know that this isn’t first time and probably isn’t last when products are late. It’s tradition.

But is it too hard to mention about delays on enertion website? Or here?

I dont know why these products are always late but there is major issues in production or somewhere. With regards, very very pissed of customer.

There are topics like this everywhere… Email enertion support and expect to wait. If you had done more research you would’ve known that this is inevitable ahead of time. These guys do the best they can.

I have been trying to change my order (add a couple of things like a motor/vesc combo) but it seems impossible for enertion to even answer my emails. At first I got told that I needed to cancel my first order to make a new one. Now 5 emails later they still haven’t replied with a confirmation that my order is canceled. Things like this make me even more frustrated then stuff being delayed/sold out. Answer my f***ing email. I want my money back, not for the purpose of buing my motors from another manufacturer, I even wanna buy another set since I hear nothing but good about them. How hard can it be?

Well, Don’t want to spill oil on the fire, but something is going on at enertion HQ. (The garage). Don’t want to spoil myself with a title, but a raptor owner who has been patient as hell. (A “VIP” club member) and they can’t even answer e-mail within 3 days at this time. Wtf is going on…

Edit: ontopic, their ordering system is from another world. Let’s say the 70’s

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I send message to Enertion few hours ago and they were sorry. I personally don’t believe that they do ‘‘the best they can’’. 100% dedication is just a standard to me. I don’t question Onloop’s motivation, but he need much more intensive stucture in his company. In all sectors. Specifically manufacturing, supply chain and quality control.

But the main thing i’m trying to say is -> Enertion really should report things like this to customers so we don’t have to open our’s hearts in this forum.

Any company, no matter how small, has an obligation to fulfill their sales in the stipulated time. It doesn’t matter if they’re a garage or a massive multi national. It seems like trying to sell the product before its even manufactured, if its not in stock, don’t list it.

Hi Guys,

I apologise for the communication breakdown, we have had major storms in Australia and no power at the end of last week, then have been on a holiday in Australia & also china factories have been on holiday too. I know you can’t wait to get your esk8’s built but I ask that you try to be patient & reasonable. I’ll be sending an official email update out today.

A quick summary:

Firstly, Please bear in mind, This deal was offered primarily to help our customers across the globe purchase our products at heavily reduced prices & avoid the huge tax charges. The savings on the products alone are around $90USD not to mention the huge savings in import duties. If this is something that is not valued by the market we will no longer try to offer these deals.

As of the 30th September, this deal has fallen short of its target unit volume, we need a certain volume to make it viable to ship to Europe & US warehouses with duties prepaid at the advertised sales price. Sending small batches doesn’t work as freight charges are much higher per unit meaning you all will need to pay more.

If anyone is interested I can send these bundles direct your door & you can pay the duties & taxes, it’s likely to add 30% for europe customers, but you get it faster? Let me know if you are happy to pay extra and ill make it happen ASAP.

Otherwise please sit tight & ill pay your duties for you but first we need to reach our targets otherwise the deal doesn’t work and i’ll need to refund everyone the money & then you can buy our normal stock at normal prices & pay import duties on top.

I’ll be extending this offer for another two weeks, Looking at the sell through rates I am sure that will allow us to get the numbers we need and keep our prices low. Then we also need some time for the international logistics process to occur. So our target is end of October.

We thank you all for your support, we are not perfect but we are working hard to satisfy the demand of the market.

P.S. ALSO, Please do us a favour & get your orders correct before placing them, we don’t like to change orders because more often than not it results in costly shipping errors, incorrect charges being processed, lengthy delays & accounting problems if we get it wrong. Not to mention it requires multiple manual adjustments across multiple platforms which is a recipe for disaster. This is fairly standard for any business that has multiple warehouses, shipping products globally. Hobbyking is just one example of many online stores that won’t change your order.

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You know, I’m someone whos busted your balls for the last year about shipping delays, communication delays, and general waiting. But I do have to say, haven’t started selling just to a few customers my self, it’s more demanding than you would think. You have to go carefully from one customer to another addressing their concerns without making mistakes. When you pack orders, you try to be as robotic in the process as you can, but you will pack an order and ask your self “Did I pack the correct shipping slip?” or “Did I pack the correctly order?” or “Did I double check that what I’m sending is 100% working?”.

And I’m dealing with a few customers a day at most for one simple, small item. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be in your shoes. If just 2 customers of mine don’t get their order and I need to re-ship, my entire profit margin is killed, mostly due to extremely high shipping costs to Europe.

I’m sure your over a lot of these bumps, but I can’t imagine as you grow, the problems increase 10 fold. It’s really hard to fix problems when your dealing with high shipping costs also. This is one of the things I like about writing software. It’s free to ship, and customers can get it instantly :stuck_out_tongue: