Usb on computer to mini usb on vesc

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Hey I just got my VESC and am trying to download the tool but the site appears to be down. Here is what I see:

Is there any where else I can download the tool?

@jacobbloy ping

I believe there’s files for the tool floating around somewhere on the web. You have to compile it though in to a runnable file.

sorry guys i sleep while your awake i was updating some stuff last night it is being fixed


@jacobbloy Thanks! Do you have an estimate to when the site will be up again?

It’s been back up for some time now!

Unfortunately i am unable to download the BLDC-tool for Mac OSX. I entered my emailadres some time ago. But have not received the download link (i also sent you an email via your site). Is there another place where i can find the tool?

  • Edit: Tried a different emailadres and now it works fine -

Can someone please, for the life of me, tell me where to buy a VESC right now so I can receive it ASAP.

Meaning… the VESC is in the warehouse ready to be shipped. It seems all the websites I find (enertion, diyelectricskateboard, etc) are producing VESC and if I order right now I will be waiting months.

will be the quickest to receive and most reliable.

Might still be a week or two but much better than waiting for months to get beta product.



try it again I’m having trouble with some emails servers so it will again direct download

How do I connect a sensored motor?

Alright cool. I get more understanding on VESC. Thanks for your kindly sharing.

Nice tutorial! I wonder how to use vesc for head light? such as in this video:

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I always wondered the same thing after seeing that video by vedder. Really loved the turn signals cause I use the nunchuk.


I join these guys above me. That setup though is with a colorcoded LED bar. I just need an output, maybe three I can toggle for brake, left and right. But turn signals are optional for me…

See the custom firmware post by vedder

Link for the lazy

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