New vesc vendor proposal

Hey everyone. I’m checking in on what people think of this:

How much are people willing to pay for a well manufactured vesc. Made in Taiwan by high end SMT (robots take care of the entire manufacturing process, leading to better soldering joints). Runs FOC, guaranteed.
Can be shipped worldwide within 48 hours of ordering. Will most likely come with xt-60 connection and 4mm bullet connectors. Can come with custom connections (xt-90, different bullet connectors) for an extra $20 USD. 15% of total sales will be donated to Vedder at the end of every month.

Is this something that the people want or not worth pursuing. I won’t be the one selling them. I’m just wanting to know if this should be an option available to the public.

please provide feedback and how much you would be willing to pay for this. Thanks!

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The title is already wrong. What does FOC guaranteed mean.

I mean that this runs foc with no problem

And if it breaks while running FOC I get my money back?

I do not own a vesc but from what I have read on this forum. People are willing to pay more for a product with good customer service so without that info it might be hard to make an assesment of the price such a vesc is worth

If the vesc breaks while using foc, and you used it under regular conditions, it will be replaced with a new vesc free of charge. I think 48 hour worldwide shipping is pretty good on the service front.

In that case i think, if the product gets some good reviews from users here, people will pay a good price. I think somewhere around 150$+. Just my thoughts though

I’m going to throw out a ballpark figure of $110USD per vesc and $30USD flatrate shipping worldwide. Does that sound fair?

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It does sound fair to me

@Pathaim can give his thoughts on his sample

Imporatant here is how they handle foc replacement! If someone guarantees a foc safe 4.12 that would be awesome for that price.

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paid for mine, got sent the next morning and arrived within 24 hours. no problems yet, setting up FOC very soon. the layout sand build of it is very good too

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As long as the user does not abuse the vesc (by keeping erpm limits below 60k and battery max under 50amps) then yes, foc will work or you get a new vesc.

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Interesting! Do you have a link for us or is that only over a personal contact?

If there is enough interest here…you can see a website being made ASAP. If you want to trial a vesc now to see for yourself, you can pm me and I’ll get you in touch

Seems that you don’t have a lot of experience with the VESC. The battery max doesn’t harm the VESC. So the value 50 is taken out of the air. A good solder job is no guarantee that FOC works. If you only keep the settings below 60000 and below 50A and don’t change other settings the VESC will fail badly in FOC. No offence to you and your company but i think that there is a lot of homework on your table.

I dont claim to be a vesc genius I’m not selling these vescs. I’m just getting an understanding of interest. I have full faith in the ones making the vesc. I have no stake in this comany. I just want to see them publicly available If you want to be put in touch with the guys manufacturing these vescs let me know. I’m just a friend who is trying to convince them to sell them

Sounds interesting but why not wait for VESC 6.0 which could be out in 2-3 months

The vesc 6.0 should be great although it may be too expensive for some… in the meantime there’s these vescs that can be put to good use. All I’m trying to do is see if people want some or not.

Alright alright… does 30$ shipping include a max number of vescs? So if i want 4 it´s still be 30$ for the whole pack?