New Vesc-X Motor Controller - enertion boards

Anyone know any details about this vesc and why it cost $500 for a single motor?? No details on their site…


Looks to me like a V6 VESC in a fancy cover. I’m assuming that’s just a placeholder price but who knows…

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That looks like the layout for Vesc v6…

edit: dang, 2 seconds too slow. Agreed with @michaelcpg. Looks like a placeholder, but who knows


it’s made from unobtanium after all!


v6 is going to be awesome - paired w/ new VESC tool (vs old BLDC tool) - can’t wait! (but won’t be spending $378.54 for one)


@chaka…your thoughts on this vesc? Can it be… insert bated breath… the long awaited v6?

Mr Vedder? Any information you’d like to share?


Definitely vesc 6 but almost $400 is ludicrous if you ask me.


Don’t think that’s the real price anyway. There just messing with us.

The 6.0 has not been relese… I don’t think it the 6 ether…

i’m pretty sure it’s a placeholder for v6. It’s definitely a v6 in a case (which Vedder has mentioned), but think the price is someone at Enertion having some fun w/ us.


Maybe he’s producing them in Germany now? :slight_smile: It’s wrong for a VESC V6 though, unless he did a major redesign. :wink:

He said that it isn’t a v6. Probably a redisigned vesc?

I can’t buy it. There is black heatshrink on the red wire… @lowGuido


just posted to their IG:

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Where did he say that?

Some previous thread. I tried find it but I couldn’t. He said something like “It has nothing to do with vesc 6”.

If you look closely on V6 here and on this new VESC, they are very different. For example STM and DRV are on the opposite side. I am not sure if this is good or bad. I think competition is good. On the other hand, Benjamin probably won’t care too much about bugs that happen on this one.

It’s not a v6. But I don’t get why he’d go through all this work to redo a v4 when v6 is right around the corner… @onloop, we need answers, because we are too passionate about this industry to see something new and be forced to speculate!

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its flipped cause theyre in Australia, noobs.


The VESC 4.12’s sold on Enertion’s site have Benjamin Veddar’s name on the PCB. Don’t see the same credit being given here, these are branded with Enertion’s logo. The lack of attribution makes me think he’s not using V6, otherwise he’d be sidestepping the CC license.

So it could “just” be a rearranged VESC 4.12 with some beefier components? Is he allowed to call it a VESC when the design is not made by Vedder?

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