NEW Wheel Pulley Concept (B)

So while trolling along came up on thread about someone cutting some of the hanger to make a motor mount and wheel pulley fit… that would make you truck slim shady, IMO. Kinda got to thinking of a way to get away from the traditional bearings that occupies part of the axle by making a ball bearing around the hanger using…

iglide® J260-PF (filament for 3D printing, “” to view specs)

the aluminum wheel pulley would then fit around the bearing to form one piece.

the wheel pulley would than push fit into wheel.

By doing this, not only would you free up space on the axle, but…

Conceptual Design is not completely to scale, but you can get the general idea of what i’m thinking.

Any constructive reinforcement… or criticism. :point_down:


How is this better than using a bigger axle diameter and having it protrude from the hanger further? One truck on the market (that I’m aware of) currently has this.

Could you use a regular bearing around the hanger?

What about hangers that are not round?

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-could you Link that truck? sounds like a @psychotiller truck? this would be better cost wise, would be able to use your existing trucks.

-in some cases i’m sure you could use a larger bearing (on round hanger only). :+1:

-i used the caliber II (not round) in concept art.

you should be able to off center the “hanger hole” and still be centered on wheel/axle this way.

A bad idea can maybe lead to a good one :wink:


That’s essentially what I came up with as well but bearings that large are expensive. $15-$25. Which made it not really worth it in my mind.

E: I see you want to 3D print the bearings! Interesting

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the plan would be to NOT print the balls and overall the “bearing” would look similar to this…


Physical and thermal properties

Max. long-term application temperature

248.00 °F (120 °C)

Max. short-term application temperature

284.00 °F (140 °C)

Lower application temperature

-148.00 °F (-100 °C)

Thermal expansion coefficient (at 23°C/73°F)

13 K-1 ⋅ 10-5, test method DIN 53752

Heat conductivity

0.24 W/(m ⋅ K), test method ASTM C 177

Pressure load

6092 psi

Max. recommended surface pressure (at +20 °C/68 °F)

3,481 psi (24 MPa)

As @PXSS said, the bearing this size are expensive, but worth, since I started using bearing on the pulley I won’t go back, the drive train becomes stiffer since there is no moment being applied to the wheel bearings

I think the best approach is to have your hanger turned to fit a comercial bearing directly, this way you keep most of the strength


Sure, it’s the Supercarve rear truck


well… well now. that i like!

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@Pedrodemio Nice work on the truck. Looks a lot like trampa titanium truck.

@b264 I guess this thread could have been a real long way to ask what kind of truck should i use.

So here’s the skinny on the bearing/pulley… -Sounds good in theory but seem to have gotten feedback on ,Calliber particularly, trucks would have enough variance that this type could not be mass produced. -Even if you printed to custom fit, the material, or any other printable plastics, as a bearing will not hold up to the RPM’s + load factor.

I spoke with Igus directly about it. Which brings me to the next… Igus boasts on the filament being 50x more wear resistant than any other printable plastic. This is do to that it is a dry lubricant.( Hard as F to print without buildTak) Would this be a good candidate for a wheel pulley? (+'s) -maybe aid in belt life -quiet operation (belt noise). (-'s) -possible slippage

I’ve got a spool of Igus. if there is interest in testing, could print a couple out and send out. “Ain’t nothing but feets of snow here”

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I used igus bushings on my 3D printer, I guess it’s a similar material. Within 6 months I had to change back to linear ball bearings due to wear and losing precision, and I don’t even use my printer a lot

In a bearing use the wear should be a lot higher

BUT go for it, that’s how inovation works, you keep going when everybody says that you are crazy

Is this a commercially or custom available truck? This is the solution to bearing wear.

It’s a Paris 195mm, but it’s now bent, turning to 17mm was too much material removed, and to roads I ride are pretty hard on the board

I will try next to remove as little material as possible, the problem is that the next bearing size is bigger than the hanger, so I will need a spacer

Such a bearing as shown in the first post is a very niche product and to expensive to market to others. Not to mention, cast longboats hangers are never square relative to the axle. It can be done.

I mean that’s basically what boosted board did with their V2 rear trucks and drive hubs. They used a big bearing lodged in the drive hub that rode on a coaxial part of the truck hanger. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.

Do you do custom lathe work by chance?

Exactly, the boosterd does is that the wheel doesn’t have the inner bearing, it’s the pulley bearing that hold everything, it has advantages and disadvantages. In my case I would never trust my 3D printed pulley do the job of supporting my weight

Hmm… print an adapter and you could use this bearing with caliber’s and it is very affordable

I think I’m going to do this for my build, since I have to print pulleys for the wheels I’m using anyway. Great idea!