NEW WIKI SITE! please add any info you think would be helpful to other members of the community!

EDIT: Made the wiki site:

I forget if this has been talked about before. but with a recent rash of noob posts from people who dont search the fourm, i think we need a wiki where basic info can be posted and we can point people to as a starting point.

Some things that it could cover:

  • basic part selection guide
  • wiring diagrams
  • product reviews (hub motors, different vescs, etc)
  • calculators (speed, battery capacity, theoretical range, etc)

Im sure there is more we can put in it, but thats all i can think of right now :P


I would love to help.

Oh most definitely. I’d love to contribute

lots of battery info, 18650’s are the cool thing right now and if mishandled can kill you. we need info on them and lots of it now.

Sounds like a good idea. I am happy to contribute as well.

lipos 4 lyfe

Awesome :smiley: making one now.

@link5505 @rpn314 @delta_19 @lox897


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sweet, will work on in my free time.

As well. I’m thinking start with essentially a copy of the “New builder? LIST OF KNOWN AND COMMONLY USED PARTS!” topic

That would be perfect!

i’ll make a battery page in the near future

I think It would be wise to start adding categories…

Examples can be taken from these pages (and others too, of course):

They have some fancy / more advanced first page. I think someone could make it more visually attractive. I have not messed a lot with these wikia management tools, so perhaps someone with more experience could take a look and make some guidelines on how it should be done :slight_smile:

I think the more categories there will be, the easier it’s going to be to add new info without making confusion or duplicated it with other topics/categories, which can happen quite fast, if the page is not added or you don’t see it that it already exists…

Just my 2 cents … :smiley:

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Btw - I think someone could unite all 3 ‘‘platforms’’. - Post them in one topic or such

  • wiki site
  • eboard cost template
  • tool for config (?) - /someone was working on this but have not heard from him in a while /