[New] WTS 90mm Hubs brand new

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Never used. Was planing to make my current meepo to AWD but the shit would be heavy. they cost me a litle bit over 150 Euro. And i want to sell these to make a dual beltdrive system so if u got something to trade let me know. The PU wheels are replaceble and cost around 13-15USD (Meepo,wowgo,Ownboard and other’s fit perfect). Price 125 USD for the hub motors. Location: Eu Sweden

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Changed to used items for sale, because you can not access to new item for sale. I added that in the title. Wanted items is when you request parts not sell it.

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Can i get anything 4 this pair of motors? Antoine? No?

I’ve had an item sitting on sale for a while now, sometimes you just have to understand you’re not selling an item that people will need every day. You just have to wait for the perfect customer :joy::joy:

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I’ll offer you $80 including shipping to UK

Does it come with trucks ?

What are they rated for powerwise? Will they work on an Onan/Nuff board? My current hubs are 1000w.

Its likely you’ll need to swap the ESC, the computer of the board. Some manufacturers only program their computers to fit their hubs, getting one that matches is pretty important as if theyre incompatible… Theyll do something like what happened in my ownboard esc / koowheel hub thread (getting the link)

e: Link

So I guess my easiest fix is buying a new Hub for the $250. That seems high for one hub. Its a shame when I can buy a brand new Onan for $350 from Allibaba.

No way i dont do Charity work

No trucks only motors

No way that cheep

Dual Esc cost 50$ Ebay plus THE motors youll hit 25mph/ and 4 Speed modes

Again I am new to this but am hooked. What ESC and motors are compatible with the Nuff/Onan? How difficult is it to swap out?

Thanks to all of you!

Order from Ebay One Esc 50-60$ One rear truck 15$ and 2 motors all in all 200$ and u can use ur old battery

I actually found a brand new Nuff for $337 delivered. So I bought it. Still am thinking about replacing the hub on the other board. Onan will send me one for $113. I am just worried that my other motor might fail as I think the prior owner my have got it wet or rode it too hard without maintaining it. Andrew Penman on youtube has. Been a wealth of great info ad responded to all my emails. GREAT GUY

Hello @Chaki do you agree sell me only one motor? or which one the less price for the two?

Shure how mutch u offer?