Newby VESC setup

Afternoon all,

I’m just doing my first build and would like to ask those more experienced builders what my battery currant max and battery current max regen should be.

I running dual flipsky 6374 motors, a focbox tenka and molicel p42a 12s4p Battery. Hopefully the images I have attached actually work which show the full specs of each aspect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!




The “battery currant max and battery current max regen” are the specifications of your battery.

Your image says it is 120 Amps maximum discharge. And these Molicells are rated to be able to handle half the charging current (compared to their discharge).

Since you have two motors, each VESC maximum should be half of the battery.

So: battery currant max = 60 Amps

And: battery current max regen = 30A

The motor current settings are seperate from the battery, and you can see spikes above these values, consdier the two as different limits to stop damage to each component


Thanks for the fast reply and information!

You are very welcome. Happy skating

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