Nickel plated or pure nickel?

Hey, ive done some googling and found out one should not use s nickel plated strip for hogh current batteries because of the resistance and heat it generates. But i was wondering could one use these kind of strips and reinforce them with copper wire ontopp to negate these energy wastes?

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i guess its not strong enough for the welding… thats why u use pure nickel.

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How do you mean in “not strong enough”?

pure nickel doesnt rust, and sure better ampacity… I just use one layer of nickel to parallel groups and use either silicone wire to gap the series groups…or flat braid works as well

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So you are saying it can rust overtime when current is applied?

Every metal will rust, but Nickel will rust in many years. Chopper can rust in a few days…

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better said yes… plated nickel rusts way easier if exposed to moisture which hopefully never happens but does…

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I was wondering why nickel is used for welding cells together the other day.

Lets insert some data into this debate:


Data from:

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So its more the moisture i should be afraid of.

Ehmm yeah thats some diffrence there :slight_smile:

Copper, Aluminium and even Iron all look like winners due to lower comparative electrical resistivity, however I would suspect that its not as simple as that.

I would also suspect that the respective environment in which the metal is stored in would affect the choice as well. Hopefully someone can enlighten us. :face_with_monocle:

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copper is know to be the best for our application but spot welding it is difficult for most except for a select few… this is covered in MANY battery build thread and discussions… cost wise nickel is accessible and welds easily and works.

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