Nickel Strip Purity Checker - Excel Calculator

Following on from a post from @SimosMCmuffin link I developed a very simple excel calculator sheet to check purity of nickel strip by calculating its resistivity - inputs are physical dimensions of strip ( length x width x thickness) and volt drop for a given current. The excel sheet then calculates resistivity ( ohm per cubic metre) and also back calculates what the resistance should be for both pure nickel and carbon steel ( the usual fake nickel strip) .

I used this to check some nickel strip I had (10mm wide by 0.15mm thick) and cut a 300mm length , soldered on some wires and connected it to my 5A CCCV charger set to 5A .

The volt drop across the 30mm length of strip was 80mV and the resistivity back calculated to 8.0 E-08 compared to 100% nickel resistivity of 7.0 E-08- so conclusion was its the good stuff Attached is a picture of my resultsNickel%20Strip%20Calculator

Don’t seem to be able to attach excel files to here but I can sent it to anyone - or if anyone knows how to attach excel files - let me know


Google drive. Then we can download and modify (put in our own values to make the script work).

So set it to “share, anyone with link can view”

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try this