Nickel Strips and Wire Gauge for 10s4p Advice Needed

Hi Guys, I’ve been out of the game for a while but am planning to upgrade my old lipo powered single drive board to a dual drive lithium ion monster!

I’ve put together a quick wiring diagram but can I run a couple of things by you guys?

1: I’ve divided my cells into 5x 2s4p packs to fit some enclosure boxes I already have. What I would like to know is what I should use for each connection? I’m using Samsung 30q cells so it needs to handle 60A but realistically it looks like they can put out 80A and I’ll set my VESC limits to 40A per motor.

I’ve ordered some .15mm pure nickel strip but hear that these are only really rated for 15A. Am I right in thinking this will be enough on the outside edges, the 4 strips across the series connections should take 60A right? Do you think I should double them up?

Nickel End 1

On the other side am I right in thinking I can run a single parallel strip on each side and then some 12AWG wire soldered inbetween the cells?

  1. My BMS will only discharge 15A. That means I want to only use it for charging. Does my wiring look correct for that? I can power the VESCs by plugging in an antispark loop key. I take it that the charger won’t spark when I plug it in?

  2. Last one! I bought an Enertion VESC-X just before the renamed it to FOCBOX. I’ve now obtained a FOCBOX for the second motor. Will they play ok over canbus? I’ve heard that different versions of FOCBOX use a different reference voltage.

Sorry for all the questions! Any advice anyone can offer would be much appreciated