Niktwo17 lost shipment complaining

So back before easter i contacted @Charster10 to make a custom deck for me. Communication was very nice and fast till the money was sent. ofc i was stupid enough to pay friends&family. Since then he told me very often that the deck is about to ship, two weeks after promised date he finally claimed it was sent. Obsiously i never received anything. I had to try really hard to get an actual update from him but he just said that mail lost package and he will take care of it. Since then (3 weeks ago) i wasnt able to contact him neither trough the forum or using his paypal email. I have been really patient as he’s still a kid but i ve come to the point to realize that i got scammed. I guess i paid 50€ to learn that not anyone on the internet is trustworthy :joy:

I d kindly advise you guys only to deal with reputable sellers or persons to avoid such experiences. And PLEASE never ever deal with @Charster10

I’d say give @Charster10 a chance to make his claim as to what happened before we judge him completely. That being said, it is 100% worth taking the 3% fee or whatever it is to pay as a business transaction instead of friends and family, like you said, you never know who you can trust.


But i doubt we will hear from him again. Last time online 16 days ago…

Maybe you should add to

I added

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@niktwo17 Did you get your deck in the end?


Nice looking out

He saw the post but declined to answer, that turns the tables somewhat to not being able to trust what @niktwo17 says

Why not answer? You were quick to damn Charster in public…let us know, did he deliver what he promised?


Yes, it’s definitely not fair to Charster10. @niktwo17, if you received the deck in the end, it’s your responsibility to updates the community about it.




@Charster10 what happened with this? He saw the messages and is ghosting us, which means he willfully declines to tell his side of the story.

So, what happened? Did he get his stuff?

He had replied on the other thread that the board was just misplaced, as it happens sometimes in international mail, and that niktwo17 eventually got it.

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I didn’t ghost it? I replied on the thread explaining it?

You should reread what you’re replying too he isn’t accusing you of anything

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I was referring to @niktwo17, sorry if I wasn’t clear. :slight_smile:

Also, I don’t know what thread to which you refer.

This is all I could find in the other thread… maybe there is more to this but this explains it

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Ah I apologise my brother.

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Sorry guys, wasnt active for some time. Did not notice this thread had been revived.

I indeed never received anything, not even an apology for mail loss.

I do not want to bother anyone with this thing anymore, package most likely got lost in mail (scamming for 50€ seems bit stupid).

However, the way I was treated and eventually ignored (even though I have been waiting patiently for some time) does not make him a person I can refer dealing with.

I am sure you can geat some nice decks at decent prices from him, but do not expect anything if there are some issues.