Nimbus 2000 | RAM | 270KV 2200 Alien | Enertion mount | 6s | FVT 120A ESC |

Hello, first of all my english is not super good so I’m trying my best … :slight_smile:

Since monthes I want to do an electric longboard, the only thing is that I didn’t have enought money. In summer i find a job so I can have money and do my little project, it can be just good for me cause I’m in the fisrt year of electricity school.

So I 've been surfing on the web since monthes to know more about it to actually make a specs for the board, the best and the cheapest possible.
And I only need your help to approve it or help me change it. Thanks for your time in advance.

So here is the build I lokked over: Board: Longboard Ram, 70mm . (link: Board ) 70euro.

Motor: Motor is from alien power system: 50mm, 270 KV 2200W (link: motor ) 54.7euro.

Motor Mount: Enertion motor mount (link : mount ) 55.62 euro

Battery and charger:

ZIPPY 5000mAh 6S1P 20C ( link: battery ) 37.20euro

IMAX B6 to charge it, 5A 25euro


Quanum 2.4Ghz (link: controller ) 20euro


FVT 120A ESC (link: ESC ) 45 euro

Pulley: These are PLASTIC pulley Motor pulley: 15T HTD5 ( link: motor pulley ) 7.38 euro

Wheel pulley: 30T HTD5 ( link: wheel puley ) 8.76 euro

belt: Alien Belt 265mm (link: Belt ) 4.41euro

GEARING RATIO: 1:2 My weight: 75kg, 170 pound. Total price: 330 euro.

So here is my Build, I will be so thankfull if you advise me.

Thank you. :relaxed:

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? :worried:

You might wanna share you’re goals for this build. Like top speed, range, hills etc. If you can provide this information we can give advice related to you’re circumstances:)

Longboard Ram, 70mm . (link: Board2) 70euro. This deck might not give you enough ground clearance. Motor is from alien power system: 50mm, 270 KV 2200W (link: motor3) 54.7euro. Motor has a pretty high Kv, you might wanna choose the 245kv or 230 kv.

ZIPPY 5000mAh 6S1P 20C ( link: battery2) 37.20euro This pared with your deck will give problems. The size of the battery is too big and you will eventually hit the ground with it while riding. My advice take 2x 3s 5000mah batteries (might be cheaper tho).

Quanum 2.4Ghz (link: controller2) 20euro Controller is not reliable. Go for this instead: GT2B

Esc is not the best one, you might look into a VESC, as they are designed for Esk8’s.

Since you are ordering from Enertion just get this It will work for most cases.

Still you need wheels and trucks! Take some calibers for the motor mount and flywheel clones to keep the costs low. You might wanna look into this thread for cheap parts from Europe : Still need more information about budget etc.

@Mark Thank you for Replying ! You are right I forget to tell the specs I wanted.

Speed: 30-40km/h (22mph) Range: 10- 15 km will be ideal Hills: Can climb 30% hills.

I already have the board, it has 10cm to the ground with the dropthrough. But I’m planning to put the truck under the board and maybe add risers pad.

What about this 220KV motor : ( Motor )

For the battery do I need a balance charger or other thing to charge them at the same capacity ?

Okay for the controller, I preferred the Quanum because of his style.

I have already trucks that look like caliber and can fit in the enertion motor mount, and for the wheel i don’t have hole in it like flywheel but I was thinking about drill holl in it and attach it from the other side with bolt.

At first I wanted a Vesc but it cost too much, nearly 100euro. I have a budget of 300 euro (without the board, only the component)

Thank you for your time !

30% grade, That is very steep. I can pretty much guaranty that you won’t be able to climb that with that battery and a single 50mm motor. Even a 15% grade is not an easy climb. cruising on flat ground is one thing, climbing steep hills can really complicate things.

You will need a 800$ budget for these requirments. Atleast dual drive and 10s.

oh, maybe the 30% is too much, I though it was decent grade :sweat: . Let’s say I’m cruising only on flat ground and maybe little bump, is it okay ?