No brakes or throttle when belt snaps

Apologies if this has been asked but I have noticed that when a belt inevitably snaps, I have no brakes or driveability from the other motor/belt/wheel. At best it means a hike home dragging an E-ATB, at worst I’m approaching a busy road with no brakes followed by a free ride to the Accident & Emergency unit (or morg)!

Is it normal to loose all traction functionality when a belt goes bad? The beltless motor spins up but nothing throught the good side?

Is there a setting I should know about? Traction control mabe causing this?Thanks in advance.

Dual VESC 4.2, dual motors 6374

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Yep. That’s the downside if your belt motor snaps. Single motor pulley after one belt snaps will not have the power to give you the push needed or enough strength to get you going. Its actually very slow and is difficult to ride with if your board is heavy.

This is why we carry extra belts incase this does happen. Never ride empty handed. I learned that one myself.

Yup. Its very weak by itself.

Not that I know of. And I didn’t have traction control on.

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Ok thanks, I got the fresh belts covered, there’s 3 clipped to my backpack at all times. That resolves the walk home senareo (provided I have my backpack :thinking:).

As for the lack of brakes upon snappage, the spare belts are unlikely to keep me outa the ambulance.

I have 2 question please? 1, if I had no spare belt, shouldn’t I expect half power? After all, 2 motors - 1 motor = 1 motor no?

(I could live with that if the situation arrises).

2, If a belt goes bad under braking, shouldn’t I expect half braking power? After all, 2 motors braking - 1 motor braking = 1 motor braking no? (I could live with that if the situation arrises).

If anyone could help explain to my brain why this is not the case I’d probs get some sleep tonight :thinking::thinking::thinking::exploding_head::rofl:

Not if you’re using dual motor set up. Just think of it as distribution. If you had a single brain monitoring your power function, it will always run the full capacity since its not divided. Now split this brain and see that its 50% now. If both are working, you have 100%. If one side is no longer functional, you shouldn’t be expecting 100% divided by 2. I know you should, but that’s not correct.

You’ll notice that because its 50%, it will not have the same power as a single brain. Thats because its 50% and divided by 2 since now its a single trying to be a double. And there you go. That’s why its so weak.

If you had two single escs and not a dual one, then its 100% divided by 2 since you’re using one brain per motor.

Nope! Think of it as splitting your brakes and power on a 50%. Your dual still takes the power needed for both. But if you lost one side, the other side has to do double the work now, and that means its not 50% but 25%. So you’ll notice its actually extremely weaker than normal.

Sometimes having two single escs isn’t a bad thing. Because even if one belt breaks, the power of the other brain can still be just a strong.

Right thanks for the explanation. For future reference, if two ESC 's are used and connected via canbus cable, would they act independently or same as a dual ESC?

They will act the same as dual escs if done via canbus. Its better if you set it up with a split ppm wire. That way they both can be masters instead of master/slave via canbus (grain of salt comment). This is usually how dual escs are.

Although, im not 100% so take my answer as a grain of salt since I’ve used dual escs over single. But if you do it as both master, then it will act as two individual escs linked to eachother via ppm.

Edit: i was right. Split ppm is better. Or 2 receiver, 1 remote. Sounds hot.