No. Cinco. Earthwing Muirdered deck 37x10" with kick tail. 10S6P Psychotiller battery and Split Sym enclosure. Dual TB 6355 190kV motors. Maytech Vescs. Abec 11 90mm. Dickyho Mounts

I am calling it Cinco because it is my fifth board.

This is my third build, and the first one I am posting.

I wanted something that looked more like a regular board. But still need speed and range, which meant large battery and large enclosure…

I like the look of the Muirdered Deck, it is massive at 37x10". Real nice concave and wheel wells. I need to get some Jessup Grip Tape on there, as I do not like the rough ass grip tape that came on the board.

Huge thanks to @Psychotiller for his awesome battery packs and enclosures.

I flashed Ackmaniac on the Maytech Vescs. Running BLDC at 65 motor max - 30 battery max. Running Sensored.

Haven’t gotten to ride yet, because of stupid wet winter in Missouri. Hoping tomorrow will be my day.

I am not able to get data on the Ackmaniac app off of the flipsky Bluetooth module. The module shows up. but there is no Data…


Is it your 3rd or 5th? Either way it’s looking nice

Or is it the 5th deck for the 3rd build?lol

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He probably has two prebuilts.


Are you in Missouri? I’m in 63101

Clean and Compact. I like it! Love those acid melon Calibers also! Wanted to get them for my rig but ended up getting the sea foams

yep, 2 prebuilts. 1 is an evolve 2 is a wowgo 3 is a diyeboard kit 4 is another psychotiller battery beast. 5 is this one

Im in Columbia. Pumped about it being 50 degrees tomorrow. hope the roads stay dry…

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Love it. I’ve been eyeing this deck for some time. Just picked up a muirskate 33. The 37 was next on my list. Oh and you got 60 cells in that enclosure… perfect. Just picked up a landyatz with similar WB. Now I know what enclosure to grab

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Which Landyatchz you got? I have been wanting that weird ass Rally Cat… Can’t find it for sale as a deck…

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Had to go out. Dry roads. 22f(-6c). That is butt ass cold… So it was a brief ride in the neighborhood. Board is fast fast fast. I may have to go to 34teeth wheel pulley… The 90 mm abecs felt really smooth. I also really liked the concave.

$20 on Facebook received_2272126179498684 received_823334527997950


Score dude…

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What is the size of the battery?? Nice build!!

Nice build, very clean. Love the deck! It’s my favorite :wink:

Thanks. 60 cells. 10S6P. If you mean dimension wise, I did not get an exact measurement. it is 2 rows of 18 on the bottom, and 2 rows of 12 and the BMS on top.

Thanks, I geeked out on your build a bunch while I was waiting on parts.

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