No clue what battery to use!

I am currently building up my dual drive board the motor I’ve chosen is the

6374 flipsky140kv (8mm) paired with the VESC6.6

I am incredibly new to all of this and have no idea what any of the explanations for matching a battery to the vesc and motors mean. No clue what im doing but I am working on understanding any help would be appreciated.

It is a 9" pneumatic mountainboard, the battery that was on it was 36v10ah 360wht (10S5p) I used it mostly for travel to and from work (before it died I was running 32mph flatground and like 8mph offroad). The top speed was fine but my acceleration was trash especially offroad, the range was okay but the stock motors and controller are non-sensored so I’m guessing thats why the offroad cogging happened so I figured might as well go sensored so I can play offroad better. If anyone has any better suggestions for dual motor/vesc/battery setups I would greatly appreciate that information.

Im not looking to ignore the science I’m just looking to make my progress and not be restricted by my shall we say mental aptitude so if anyone has a battery suggestion for this setup PLEASE HELP!