No keyway on motor shaft

Hi I ordered the following motor and discovered it does not come with a Keyway on the shaft.

How can I secure the pulley onto the shaft so it is on firm? I don’t want to use any glue because I want to be able to clean and maintain the motor.

Make a flat spot with a dremel, use semi permanent Loctite at the least.

Thanks I’ve got a dremel, but think I will just use a hand file and go slow.


For added Security you could file a flat spot before the end of the shaft, That way If the pulley gets loose it wont fall off. But! If you needed to take it off and the Grub screw was stuck you’d be in trouble.

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That works too. Doesn’t take much. I’m probably slightly over confident with a dremel I’d cut my nails with it if I thought it saved time


@Blitz luckily I’ve got something (cap) to keep the pulley from coming off.

And bag the motor up so the filings don’t stick to the magnets! (you may have already thought of this but worth saying)


So much this ^^^^ received_192225931474831

@bigben actually I didn’t even think of this yet, glad you mentioned it, good call!

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What does a flat spot and loctite do? Do you mean that the flat spot creates a crevice for the loctite to act like a wedge? It will not hold long. And if you ar egoing for the shaft locking loctite, you should not need any flat spot, just a light coat of the glue and slide on that pulley.

A flat spot and a set screw or better a couple, and then loctite would do something…

Yes a flat spot for a set screw. I assumed a set screw being involved was kind of implied. I wasn’t implying to Simply put Loctite on a flat spot of the shaft…