No power to receiver

When I plug in my nano x receiver to my vesc it doesn’t get a red light at all. Any ideas?

Take a voltmeter and check the voltage between the middle(red) and the black wires that goes to the receiver.

I did and it says 5 volts

@CarlCollins any ideas??


Can you please share the images of PCB of receiver and VESC?


can you share a picture with the wires connected ? from vesc and from receiver?

Then you should at least see a flashing light. Probably something with the receiver. Been having issues with the nano-x receiver as well.


Did you try plugging it the opposite way? did you try plugging it to the 2nd channel?

Yep nothing

Then i’d say it’s the a faulty receiver. Do you have a different remote receiver laying around?

I have a different receiver

Did you get any lights or signs from the other receiver?

Yep 10 charc


Issue is with the receiver I guess, Can you please email at [email protected] with all the images and your order ID (if you have one?)

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Well that does it. @CarlCollins should take care of that if it’s still under warranty.

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Sent email