No worries Caliber Mount. Aluminum Clamp + Stainless Steel Plate

So I started to design a motor mount last week for fun, and i’ve printed a few iterations that feel promising.

I’ve used a couple of different mounts, and they work well, but they have their issues. few broken aluminum motor plates aren’t a big deal since the diy esk8ers have great service!

But the way I see it, until Hubs can produce more torque, or be cheap enough to always run dual/quad then belt drives are not going away.

I figure if I post here, i can get some extra motivation to finish/keep working on this.

Now for the serious stuff!

I’m looking in to getting these mounts cut with a waterjet service, the problem is 1 will cost >$200 for both parts.

but If i get 5, they’re as cheap as $60-$80 for each complete mount.

I see this as a community supported beta if it works. so i’ll give them at cost + shipping.

The plan is to make an economical, dead simple motor mount that i’ll never have to worry about. No Worries!

clamp: .5" 6160 Aircraft grade Aluminum motor plate .25" 316 stainless steel hole pattern 50 - 63mm motors 4x m4 12mm travel for belt tension 3x m5 + locknut (m4 pictured) about 10 degrees of angle adjustment (may or may not be in final version)


Single bolt clamping is the way to go. The mounts I had made for my board mount in a similar way. They are however not universal mounts like these would be but they fit the SK3. Very nice.

this is basically the enertion mount - that you can already buy for like 60USD

I would like a metal plate for the mounting plate for better heat distribution.

i’d say its enertion inspired. but shipping costs make it less practical. I want to get these made in the US.

plus, this is v6, only 3-4 hours of work total. I think it will evolve into its own if I can get things moving…

This isn’t a dis, but an observation and my opinion cause I’ve seen a bunch of these topics popping up.

I feel like everyone thinks there “new” mounts will take there own unique direction but the reality of the whole situation is this;

The hanger clamp - needs to suit a caliber ii truck so will end up being the exact internal shape with a variation on the thickness and width of the clamp surrounding it. This is under the assumption you are going for a caliber clamp which you are.

The motor mount - needs to have a bolt pattern to suit 50-63mm outrunners, thickness needs to suit the shaft length of the same 50-63mm outrunners, clamp length needs to suit the 255-275mm belts widely available to the community and lastly needs to have adjustment which comes from the mount sliding on the hanger or motor sliding on the mount.

I assume your probably just trying to make a cheaper product to benefit the community but the reality is that the current companies sell there mounts with hardware and in a finished state for cheaper than you will make these.

In short I’m pretty much saying don’t bother, just buy a TB mount :wink:

If you had the stance however to lets say do a run of 200 mounts and stand to make no profit you might be able to offer the community an actual budget quality motor mount. But who wants to go $10,000 out of pocket for no gain?

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nice work man!

I’m in EU and do not need a mount at the moment, but personally think the more mount designs are out there the better. Are you planning to publish the STL files?

@shred thanks, I can post the stl’s if you’re interesting, but for now they are tuned for 3d printing.

@Heavy1 You’re absolutely right, all mounting options have been converging toward similar designs, but it wouldn’t take 200 to get the price down, with the service i’m looking into

5 -->$70 each 10 --> 60 each 50 --> $50 EACH

Like I said in the beginning, I have and am using other mounts. But I don’t want to buy what I can make. And i really don’t want Do it yourself, to turn into buy it yourself…(or buy it together for groupbuys lol)

And of course the biggest reason for making my own, more competition is always better. More Competition. More options. More development. More reliability!

plus i’ll probably use a fully printed version for mini board at some point :sunglasses:

How strong are the abs 3d versions?What 3d printer have you used for the designs? Tried any of the more exotic/stronger filaments?

I’m using a prusa i3. They’re designed in openscad. currently these are just pla mock ups for fitment and design.

i’ll print a full infil version in petg and see how that holds up.

I’ve also used tpe (flexable), and actually have not tried abs since pla is cheaper, oderless, environmental friendlyish…, and Petg is much stonger than abs anyways.

So i started with the calibers because they were the easist from the trucks i have… but these Surfrodz hybrid rkp look pretty interesting…

If you have a choice 440 SS is far better than 316 SS which is just food grade stainless steel.

Where are you getting it cut? Also for waterjet cutting at some places, there is a price cutoff, meaning that the total order must equal a certain price. At Big Blue Saw, when I ordered, it was ~$90 for 1 or ~$20 for 5.

Yea thats what I was looking at. but there are also local shops that “Match prices…”

pretty much just trying to find someone to take the other 3…

Almost forgot, redesigned this into a 3 piece universal! 360 rotation + 12mm belt tension travel + x slot motor mount

tb v4 + enertion mount combo.

Should also give lots of space for 12/15mm belts! :heart_eyes: