Nobody told me it would be like this

After 4 months waiting, it’s finally here: My Enertion foc boxes Well, gess what…? It does not fit the motors! (Or the motors don’t fit the foc boxes) Any you guys had this problem ever? How do you get around this? I would appreciate any help you guys can give me Thanks

Yep, this was a huge pain in the ass. So much so that I just went unsensored. I know @psychotiller sells adaptors though


Ok thanks man I’m going to try to reach him…

For the sensor wires you usually need an adapter unless you’re soldering directly onto the focbox connection… There are a few people on here selling those adapters I believe.

Focbox comes with 3.5mm bullets on phase wires, while some motors have 5.5mm plugs. Either you switch bullets on vesc side (and possibly void warranty) or you switch on motor side or use adapters.

Only the sensor wire that doesn’t fit on your setup?

Good luck

Here’s the link btw!


Thanks Sebike, Yes that it’s true, the bullets are also different But I gues that’ an easier fix, right? The sensor cable with so many wires is more complicated. I already sent a message to the adapter seller… Regarding the bullets… Now that I am looking at it, how do you know witch is witch, if all the 3 fase wires are black?

I f you are eu based, this is the place or Streetwing in the UK.


Ok, thaks will place an order Hope it doesn’t take long to get here, I’m in Portugal :portugal:

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Hey, I’m from belgium, I have them to :slight_smile:

Hi Thanks Even better! From Europe and cheaper I just ordered

Thanks again

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You ordered from psychotiller you mean?

Nah I think he ordered from the link @bigben Shared

Which member owns that website? Might be interested in few things, need to PM.


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Hi Thanks for your answer but I had just ordered from bigben link…

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I’m also wondering this

One more question: The motor has 3 phase wires 1 red 1 blue 1 yellow The focbox has all 3 black wires How do you know witch is witch? Or this means you can conect randomly? Once again, I would really appreciate your comments Thanks

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The FOCBOX (and VESCs) will automatically detect which phase lead is connected to which phase and take care of all of that for you…

Just plug them in and do the motor detection and you are good to go

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The deal is, connect them randomly and if the motor spins in the wrong direction, switch any 2 of the wires around. That will change the direction of spin.

Sometimes if sensor detection fails, especially in BLDC mode, rearranging the motor connections may help.


Thaks for your help I really appreciate it Will do so

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Thanks for your help

Now that you mention it, In a dual motor setup, if motors are mounted each one facing opposite sides, then you will have to set them up to turn in opposite directions, so when you mount them, the wheels will turn in the same direction, I guess.