Non Flipsky BT module not working with FSESC 4.20

Hi everyone,

I need some help with using a Bluetooth module. I have it plugged into the Flipsky 4.2 dual ESC.

It refuses to pair with my phone using any app

I am unable to get it to work with the ackmaniac app or the vesc app Anything. It just won’t connect. My phone won’t even connect to the module.

Am i doing something wrong ?

Did the pins come miss arranged

I really want to use an app So I can monitor my amp draw

Appreciate anyones help with what they think I should do.

Cheers, jon

Are you running ackmaniac firmware on your Vesc also?

Yes I am , with still no luck

Maybe post a video of what you’re doing? Mine is running perfectly fine other than random disconnects but functional most of the time.

You try both 115200 and 9600 baud rates?

Make sure you set the Vesc to ppm and Uart as well.

You need to tell what kind of module you have.