NoName | Enertion R-SPEC motor | Custom Mount | 10S4P | VESC | BMS

Hello guys. Finally i’m back and so close to my final e-board.

Here are some pictures with my almost finished board. I don’t think i will keep it drop through since i need some clearance for batteries and motor.

List of components:

  1. VESC
  2. Enertion motor 190 kv
  3. Enertion Nano X controller
  4. 10s BMS from BesTech 80A discharge with e-switch
  5. Trucks, pulley and wheels also from Enertion
  6. Custom battery pack from samsung 25r 18650 cells

I’ve been reading post for a long time and i found some schematics that i really like and i think they are really good ( please let me know if i’m terrible wrong ).

Here are my batteries:

I want to group them into 5 * 2s4p connected with this kind of connectors

Hopefully by the end of this week i will have them welded and ready to use. The electrical circuit im thinking of something like this:

Using antispark XT90. Im hoping this will be enough for protection and i wont have any problem with the bms/vesc.

And sunday i will have the motor mount finished. Here are something that i prototyped last night.

I still have some problems that i need to figure out maybe someone here could give me a hand.

  1. Do i need anything else to protect the vesc/motor/batteries ? I will use the XT90 loop key to disconnect the vesc from the batteries while the board is charging. Anything i need to know ? i used lipo-liion batteries before but never that powerful.

  2. I really need some enclosures for battery and maybe something for vesc ? how can i protect this part from rocks or other hits? I saw lots of builds making it with an oven heating plastic and making mold etc… i dont really think this is an option for me :\ so what else could i use any ideas would be awesome.

I will come back with more pictures when i finish more parts or when i get them together.


As i prommised here are some pics with the battery :smiley:

I decided to keep it as a whole pack for now i will see with next builds if ill change it.

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i used awg12 cables … now im not sure if they will be enough for this setup?

any ideas?

I thinf most of us use 10awg from battery (for some reason) and 12awg everywhere else like vescs and motor cables.

Hey guys i have a big question here…

im using this bms

And i dont get the e-switch… i turned it on and i get 37V out of my battery and then when im turning it off it still getting me 37V … what is that switch even doing ?

Thank you

I noticed in your picture above that only the balance leads are connected to the BMS. Might be a dumb question but, Do you have the main leads connected to the BMS?

@mccloed Yes i didnt update the pics yet. the black wire from battery is connected to B- then from P- im getting another black wire to the vesc and the red wire to the loop key and into the vesc

I will update pics this week but for some reasons the e switch is doing nothing for me…

Hi guys i just got my charger and im wondering if would be any problem that it outputs 42.8V (i measured it) i guess is not a problem for the bms right ?? Here are the bms specs

And one more thing any idea if i can set up the vesc with nano X remote to go backwards when i press a button or something ? I know is possible to add the reverse but i dont want it always on.