NOOB Builder- 10s 149kv - Final Choices -PLEASE HELP

Hi everyone, I have decided to pull the trigger and get the parts for my longboard.


For the batteries I am going for a 10s3p pack. Using Samsung 30q. I had originally decided to go for 12s3p but decided on a safer choice, as well as seeing the majority of people do 10s. What do you guys think???


I am going for the Hobbyking Vesc due to it being cheap. And having a 1 year warranty in case I mess up. Has anyone had any experiences with it??


I am going for a sensored 149kv motor from Hobbyking. Any experiences? Or shall I go for the sk3 equivalent.


I am going for the MBS all terrain wheels, they will be great for the rubbish pavements in the UK. Will they fit with these pulleys??

^^^^^^ Is 15:36 gear ratio ok with the of motor I have got? I am about 70kg (150lbs)


I have got this 2.4ghz remote.


I have got a 10s 60a bestech bms, it has an eswitch so elinates the need for an atispark key. I have got it from is this a high enough amperage for the battery pack.


I have found this on on Amazon . It is cheap and look sturdy. Also has relatively good reviews.

Sorry mate but that motor mount is dog shit.

Are you making the battery pack yourself? Theres an added cost to that too.

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Why, what is wrong with the mount. I don’t mind hacking it.

I am making the battery myself.

read the bad reviews of the mount, there are always some bad reviews but not that many

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Plus those 5 star people probably really low expectations lol

I’m hoping for the best. I’m willing to do some modifications to the mount. Want willing to pay £50+ shopping on one.

Lol. Fingers crossed. :rofl::pray::pray:

Have you bought it?

What modifications do you think you can do without completely remaking the mount?

The rest is fine, maybe the remote I would change just search “winning remote” here on the remote on the forum and you’ll reviews of that

The rest is fine

The mount, the clamp looks like it was made with really low tolerances and that motor plate looks really thin. And probably uses 6061 alu if that - not 7075. Just look at the 1 star reviews lol, I wouldnt buy anything that was 2.9/5 stars

And for you pulleys, I can’t figure out if the motor pulley is aluminium or steel, not a huge issue but the description doesnt state anything about it.

Alu 6061 is not bad, it is also used in my mountainbike which i abuse alot, but the heat treatment is imporant

Its not bad, sorry should have been clearer I meant lower than 6061

The winning remote looks the same as the remote I have listed. In regards to the motor clamp, I am going to use it for the time being. I am doing this as part of a gcse project :grinning:. If it turns out to be rubbish , I could always mill a new one or 3d print and then cast one. Thanks so much for the help.

I’m into mountain biking as well😀, do you live in the UK?

Fair enough your decision

no, but i know that UK has some rly rly sick locations…Rachel atheron just rules the mtb throne

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Yeah, lots of cool trails and bike parks​:call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Bump. Any more opinions. is the motor kv ok?

no real exp with that motor but i mean it is ok i guess kv wise

what does exp mean? also everyone has got sk3 motors. these sk8 ones are sensored are they any good. I can’t seem to find much. also do you think ill be able to get over 20mph with a 15/36 pulley if i weigh 68kg??

thanks Pretty reliable calculator. You can buy motors from APS(AlienPowerSystems) he is from the UK, he has good prices and since you are not that far away, a good chance for some quality service.

There are other vendors