Noob here looking for advise regarding vesc

Hi all. Im looking for some advise regarding vesc. There are many in the market and i dont understand fully how all works but this is what i have got: 12s5p battery all put together, deck, hummie motors ( received recently ). From my understanding i need a vesc and then plug all together. So my question is: which one? Is there any that would be more recommended to the hummies? Im looking for a realiable, fail proof and within 200£, im willing to go a little above if needed. Can someone please advise me. Many thanks!!

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All VESC type of ESC does have a built in function that recognize and test the motors during the first stage of the setup.

Me and a friend have used the simple (138 $) Flipsky VESC called FSESC4.20 DUAL (2x50A max continues) since 2019 with no problems. I read about other people had problems with Flipsky VESCs, but I do not know what version it was, or if it is user error or if the hardware is crap, Me and a friend had no problems so far, so I would buy Flipsky products again.

They sell of course newer more powerful versions like this one for 196$

We run our VESCs with 12S batteries. And use about 2 x 40A - 2 x 45A for our hubmotorns. So the 4.20 VESC is not maxed out.

Other members can probably recommend you some more expencive brands of VESC.

Flipsky electronics are a gamble. You either get one that works, or you get a lemon. There is little to no QC, that’s why the prices are low. If you get one that works well, congratulations, you won the dice roll.

Then I am one of the lucky ones :partying_face:

What brand would you recommend?

massive stator unity