Noob looking for pointers... First and Foremost THANKS

New guy here looking for some pointers. I’ve been doing a LOT of reading and I’ve started putting stuff on paper and placing very basic orders… Here is where I am so far:


On Order already:

Deck: Bustin Board Maestro Deck - Bamboo-X Custom Art

Motors: Pair of 6354 190KV from @JLabs (

Trucks: Paris V2 180mm Trucks

Wheels: Orangatang Kegel Longboard Wheels 80mm 83a (in Purple)

Bearings: Bones Reds Bearings (Through BustinBoards)

Still Need:

Mounts (qty 2): Searching or maybe custom.

Battery: Enertion space cell pro4

Possibly looking at Enertion’s vesc-x… catch is it’s 15 days out before it ships.

Looking for possible recommendations for Wheels (done) and ESC… Also looking for feedback on the Enertion space cell pro4 battery.

I have a lot of figuring out to do but I figured one step at a time and that I can iterate advances down the line. I do want to start out with a good deck, trucks, motor and battery. Everything else are parts that can be upgraded as I learn more into what works together.

Again Thanks. You’re all a great source if information and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Abec 11 flywheels are good. Or you can buy some clones on ebay just search “83mm/90mm/97mm blank pro flywheels.” Vesc is the best. I would get it from OllinBoards or get the enertion vescx like you said.

Prob needs to be updated but it’s a good start

Already looked at that but it’s a “hey, tons of people have used this” list and really doesn’t go into what is better and why.

I’ll look at the Vesc from OllinBoards. Thanks

Abec 11s are the way to go, the bigger the better, no smaller than 90mm, any less and you’re worrying about every crack and pothole in the road or pavement/sidewalk and makes you feel more stable. I’m trying out 100mm pro scooter wheels as the roads and pavements round my way are terrible!

What about AT wheels, anything worth looking at?

The DIY mount only works on caliber II trucks (unless you’re making your own clamp), also the link you have there is only for the mount, not the mount and clamp. Definitely recommend the VESC. Also Abec 11 flywheels, flywheel clones or Orangatang Kegels are the way to go for wheels.

Yeah noticed that on the mount after, it looks like people used it on Paris V2 so I might give it a try. Do you know any other mounts you might recommend? Will order the wheels in the next week then. Thx

I have the 6354 sensored 190kv motors in stock and ready to ship. It would save you some cash, and will work with the mount you linked.

If your interested PM me and I may give you a promo code :wink:

It was different then…

It’s a little bit easier these days than when it was written…

These days Motor choices are plentiful…Before we had a hobbyking stock thread cause everyone was on the hunt for motors so what’s good or bad didn’t really matter I guess

I totally get that but that’s why I’m not a big fan of that list. It’s outdated for what the hobby is now and doesn’t fit what I’m looking for, in this case I’m looking more for a quality build and run of the mill parts mixed in because tons used them isn’t so much my goal. I could totally see though where in some case it could be helpful, for example a budget board or an entry one.

Not sure what you mean by that. That list has all of the highest end DIY components on it… (Abec 11 wheels, Enertion R-Spec Motor, Space Cell 4, Ollinboards VESC). Not just run of the mill parts

I’ve found that looking g at build threads give the best picture of an individual components value.

An example is the 100a circuit breaker. I personally have used thrm in 2 builds for a couple of months and have had no issues. Some people say they are no good. I think the truth is in the usage, I’m using them on 6s ayatems so less stress on the circuit.

Another example would be wheels. Flywheels & Kegals are the go to wheels. If you want a ready made pully system they are by far the easiest option.

Research the builds and you will see what I mean. Most people give links to make it easy.

Bro you can build a killer board out of any of these parts…it’s how you put it together …

If you are looking for a kit that’s a knockout…go see @chaka stuff at :point_down:t2:

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I got 90mm Flywheel clones off ebay for $27 after shipping and I’m very surprised by the quality. Plus there are printable parts here on the forum or on thingiverse that fit perfectly into the flywheels (and flywheel clones) so you have a quick easy pulley on the wheel. I got the 10s4p battery from DIY and it arrived today. It looks great and it’s a bit cheaper than the space cell pro4. It also comes with two usb plugs which is nice for charging things like your phone or eboard remote in a pinch.

Hey @jct1212, what I was clumsily trying to say is that that list have everything on it, great parts and run of the mill parts with nothing separating the two. This makes it hard to pick out all higher end parts or all cheap parts or all mid range…

I’d love to one day know enough to update it in a chart format where it could show price range (depending on seller, build quality, and usage (as in is it used often by people or in edge cases).

I posted to get opinion by people on certain parts I found and their thoughts there. For example the battery I chose, it’s also on there, but how does it not only rank in spec (that I can read for myself) but in reviews from people. Did Jack over here find it a nightmare to install, or did Bobby love it. I’m trying to build on the knowledge of others from their experience if they have the time to share.

Hope that made sense.

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@mmaner Thanks for the tip.

@Kaden56 Didn’t even think to look on Thinkgiverse. Do you find that gears printed hold out well in actual usage? My concern would be strength.

@Kaden56 See my reply to @jct1212, I tried to explain myself more.

Thanks guys.

Ok so as an update got some wheels and a pair of 6354’s. Also had bearing already on order though I’ll need spacers i believe.

So I’m waiting to get the board before I order battery, my concern is my board my be too flexible for the space cell pro4. I’ll see how bad it is or isn’t when I get it. Next to order some VESCs and I still need to figure out my mount…

Unless you are printing on a terrible printer you’ll be fine. The strength is plenty as long as you print it solid rather than honeycomb infill or something. Here is what I used. @JuniorPotato93 has done everyone a crazy awesome service.

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