[Noob] My local hobby shop sold me a 2500KV motor saying it should be more than good enough for an electric longboard

Is it possible to get a good working electric longboard with this motor? As I have heard must builds use a way lower KV. Any help appreciated!

Currently I have a 5000mA battery (7.4V 45C 2S).

2500kv? Have you got the amount of 0’s correct?

In theory it may be possible, but in real life it wont work. 2S is also way to low voltage, 6S is seen as minimum.

The guys at the shop obviously havent built an electric skateboard before…


Typically, you need at least 6s on an eboard… So 6s on a 2500KV motor would be 388,500 ERPM! Don’t think any (V)Esc can handle that on the market. But if you do find one, you can go up to 207MPH with those specs lol

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In a vacuum chamber, on maglev rails :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This motor won’t work. Sell it or return it and get a different one. 190kv is what you want. 150kv - 225kv is the common range and you CAN use anything from 50kv - 270kv though performance may not be good near the ends of the range. This is assuming you have correctly matched the battery to your motor and electronics and gearing ratios and wheel size.

Keep erpm under 60000 and battery 6S to 12S, 10S preferred

Wheels 83mm to 107mm, bigger is better, 97mm is most common

15/36 is the most common gearing ratio though I prefer 15/40



I have a build atm with a 850kv, going much higher than that is problematic. You can use anything if you solve the gear reduction. MoeStooge rode his 8s 850kv motors w/120mm wheels up and down the hill at Tepe & Tacos so…

You can see the motor just right of the rear left wheel.


What ESC are you using and how are the brakes? Does it have brakes? Are they butter-smooth?

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Yes, the Castle Mamba xl x’s are pretty awesome. Very adjustable, data logging & much higher ampacity than any vesc (8s max. though). I got my pair on sale, less 25% I think. No sensors, but my motors are 24 slot 4 pole, thats nearly double the slots of a common out runner so it will be smoother at start up.


How are the brakes on that ESC?

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Stock they are proportional with 4 strength settings, but you can also get remotes that allow mapping or trimming with a pot. Moe gets along fine with his stock, smooth and stronger than he has had on any other rc/esc. Time will tell for me. Again I think the 24 slot motors help…


Hey mate that is definitely possible, I would speak to @MoeStooge he has made a couple boards with motors that high, but you will at least need another one of those batteries to get 4s


15/36 is the most common gearing ratio though I prefer 15/40

…or raise the gearing ratio from 15/36 and 15/40 to 15/44 or 15/50 like I’m doing to tame higher 245 kv motors such my Bigfoot.

I should have clarified – I prefer 15/40 on 190kv with 10S and 107mm wheels

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…yeah, me too. I’m sold on that same segment… 15/38 on my double 200kv and 100 mm wheels. Althought I moved away from that window with 15/44 to ride my single 245kv Tacon beast and 100 mm wheels). I’m in SF and anything lower than 38T will not cut the mustard with so many hills and atrocious streets.

you should return it, Tat simple.

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Absolutely doable… you need a 225a esc for 2s and the motor needs so be able to produce 2000 watts. 72mm wheel 72 tooth spur 9 tooth pinion mod .8 or 32p gear drive only. No belt will work unless you run a jackshaft. Your 5000mah lipo will get you about 4 miles of range and will make close to 20mph on flat and level ground. It will pull hills.


If he’s gonna use a jackshaft he should just ditch that motor all together and strap a Franco Morrini S6-C motor on there somehow, lol :wink: I’m sure a radiator could be fashioned to fit on the front trucks.

Is there any site who sell this? I can’t find any after a quick search.

Its at 2650W.

I’m actually using somthing like a bike chain. I think the guy said it supports something like a tonn.

dude they r fooling around. there are no 225amp 2s esc