NOOB need help picking out VESC

Hi! I recently decided to try building my own electric skateboard, and started picking some stuff out. Im having some trouble picking out a VESC. I want a VESC working with 6370 170 kv motor - max 80 Amps 10s2p 30C lipo battery 9000mah

I was wondering whether a 50A VESC would be fine, or if it would decrease my boards efficiency too much?

I was hoping if there was any experienced builders, that would help me picking one out.

Focbox unity

Yes, like @Crisfell said you can use a Unity VESC in super single configuration. No other dual is going to work on a single motor except the Stormcore duals.

For other options, a regular FOCBOX VESC 1.3, 1.6, or 1.7 will all work great, as would a TB6 VESC or ZESC Warrior 6 or Raiden 7 VESCs or a Trampa ESC 6 Mk5 would work as well.

If budget is an issue and you’re not as concerned about performance, you can use a VESC 4,12 like the Torqueboards one that’s currently on sale for $39.99

Bastards are sold out currently. Needed about a dozen of them :rofl:


Thanks for the help! I think i will go with the TB6 VESC or maybe the VESC 4,12. Regarding VESC 4.12. What kind of performance issues will i get? Will i loose both speed and torque? or just torque? Thanks in advance


The VESC 4.12 is only good up to about 25A battery max. It’s also better to run at 10S instead of 12S

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