Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!

Thank you! I’ll do some more research and make a build thread for further questions.

Hello everybody, I have got a AT-09 Bluetooth module for my VESC 4.20 and I cant get any data from it. I have changes the app to use from ppm to ppm + UART and changed the baud rate to 9600. the module connects but then doesn’t show any data. one thing that was strange was that once I connected my phone to the module and then TCP linked my phone to my PC it showed some data? I am very confused, any thought will be greatly appreciated!

I’ve just setup my 2 vesc over can and when I pull the trigger only one of the motor vesc runs im on verson 4.12 torqueboards vesc

Did you change one to have unique controller id?

So new to the forum and kinda curious as to what to even begin to look at to begin building or researching into buying my own electronic board. Also in the market for mountain board or something to ride on my dirt road(I live in a small country town) and still wanna get out and experience a longboard ride when I can’t go to the asphalt of my closest towns (12 miles)

Welcome to the forum, if you dedicate the next 8 weeks to reading you should be starting to get your head around it… lol. . lots to soak in…

start here: START HERE | FAQ for DIY Electric Skateboard builders

I need a List of the best ESK8 Shops. Which one is your favorite?

Hi all,

First time caller, long time liste…Wait, that’s not right. But brand new to the forum and this is my first post, so thanks in advance for any help! I’ve been reading and researching for a few months now, and have experience building and repairing circuitry and electronics. I will eventually do a complete build, but without a spot welder and lacking riding experience, I decided to start with a built board. I have a Verreal RS with 120mm Cloudwheels floating on the Pacific Ocean somewhere, but I’m curious about the potential for modding at some point. I’m a big guy at 6’2 and 260, so I’ve been stressing about board performance and what to expect. I’m in Portland Oregon, so will be riding mixed terrain and grades often. So the basics are as follows: dual 6368 170kv motors with 45T wheel pulleys(due to my weight) and a 30Q 10s4p pack. While I’m sure the Hobbywing ESC will be fine to cut my teeth on, I like the idea of VESC customization at some point. My question is, if I do get to a point where I’m not happy with top speed and torque, would I damage anything by swapping in a Flipsky or similar dual VESC? Also, any issue with experimenting with larger motors on the existing Hobbywing, say 6374s? Like I said, until I am able to experience the board, I won’t know if and what I’ll want, but just wanted to know what is possible. Thanks in advance!

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You will probably be underwhelmed by the verreal eventually. It really depends how experienced you are on an skateboard. If you’ve never ridden on its probably a great starting point as youll be learning so many new skills it will be overwhelming and exciting.

Vesc based motor controller is definitely the best way to go when you want to start upping the ante. In theory you can drop that into vereel without any issue’s. Might need a new remote though as the reciever is probably integrated into the esc.

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Thanks so much for the reply! I skated and snowboarded most of my youth, but never got into long boarding, so I think it will be a fun experience for sure. Any recommendations for the VESC? Flipsky, Unity? For a beginner, would 4.20 be adequate? Just thinking about cost, and I wouldn’t think my 10s would consistently spike over 50 amps.

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Search around for a focbox unity it’s by far the easiest /best vesc based dual motor controller for upgrading your dual motor board.

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hello, i have an Evolve GTR. i want to add Trampa 8" AT tires and their superstar hubs. Does anyone know what else i need to purchase so they can fit on my GTR board? thank you

which DIY Parts websites are good? I hear alot of bad stuff about MBoards but are they that bad?

Doesn’t evolve sell the bigger wheels too?

I’m in the middle of my build. I made two buy passes with MBoards. First I bought the drivetrain (Direct Drive, kegel adapters, Orangatangs, trucks). Then a second pass for everything else: (10s3p, hobbywing dual, plastic enclosure, some hardware). I’ve had no problems at all - even shipping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mike is very transparent (Mike Beard = “MBoards”). He is completely open and accessible. I’ve hit him up with a bunch of questions on Instagram. He has always replied within a couple of hours. Watch some of his older videos. He admits starting a company is not an easy thing. He’s learned a ton about part vendors, shipping, the supply chain, inventory levels… All things about a skateboard business that have nothing to do with skateboarding. His successes and failures are all in his videos. Like I said very transparent. I think he’s in a good place now and think he’s really out to help anyone build their own board.

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As a new person on here, how the hell do I make a post? I cant see a button to make one.

You need to spend time on the forum reading & opening threads, essentially just keep browsing & reading and it automatically activates your abilities.

Anyone know how to get old wheels off a direct drive motor?

I’ve got a Halo beast with direct drive motors and just got their cloud wheel / foamies AT tires.

I cannot figure out how to get the old wheels off. I have gotten some advice to use a soft mallet and bang on the inside lip of the old tire while turning it but I can’t get anything to budge and I’m very wary of damaging the motors.

I’m wondering if one of the bearings on the axle has got stuck and is working against me? I had that problem removing one of the front tires earlier. You know how sometimes a bearing will just get locked onto the axle? I had to actually use a hammer to get the bearing off…luckily it was the inner bearing.

Open to any advice including using a hacksaw to destroy the old tires but expose any potential leverage hiding under well worn urethane.

If/when I go back to traditional urethane wheels on this board it will be with the torque board blue 110s anyway.

I’m close to going hacksaw Jim Duggan on these old 97’s but this my only working E skate at the moment. I’ve got a lone star and an ownboard carbon on the way but God knows when those will show up and my brain May explode if I don’t have something to ride. Thank you in advance!

Can you please show a picture?

Absolutely. Here’s a few.