Noob VESC question

Hey guys, still relatively new here so please bare with me :wink: basically last year I decided I was going to build a board and bought most of the electronics but ditched the project for a while as I had no time, fast forward to now and I’ve started to pick the project up again and am finishing the rest of the build. My question is that I want to run my system in FOC preferably and last year I bought a dual VESC 4 from enertion, just wondering if I should upgrade to the FOCBOXs or if I should use what I have. I ask because I have read a lot of threads about FOC being a bit sketchy on the older models. Many thanks, Freddie

That depends, among other factors, on the rest of the system you are running. What about your Battery and Motor? Generally lower kv is better for FOC afaik.

don’t use foc on those vescs. use bldc and pick up some focboxes off someone

Getting a 10s4p pack from samsung 25r cells running dual 170kv motors

Yeah that’s what I thought the general consensus would be :smile:

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I red a lot on here, most people using FOC on 4,10 - 4,12 have problems in a 12s configuration. In case of 10s and lower nearly no problems by most users.

I’m going do solder my own 4.12, and I think it will be fine with FOC on a 10s battery :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t risk it either with this setup. 170 is a bit high.

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170kV with 10s? that’s extremely low

You thinking I won’t get enough torque? :thinking:

I meant for FOC, I only know of @Rich who successfully ran 10S FOC on standard 4.12 with 130kv. I myself popped a drv at 10S 168kv during regular low speed cruising.

@Freddiecook 170kv on 10s should be fine for torque in most circumstances and if you aren’t very heavy and/or in a hilly area

ahh okay, I see enertion is still waiting for more FOCBOXes :smile: , anyone know of any other cheap/reputable suppliers? Forgot to add I’m in the UK

Check it out this:


Thanks man, interested :wink:

It’s on the low end but I definitely wouldn’t say “extremely low”

I have a dual running 140kv on 10S

I’d say 120kv is “extremely low” for 10S

Some people gotta have da power and don’t go over 25mph anyway

Let me know. tested their controllers rigurously with FOC/10s on mountainboards. They are most certainly capable.

Only reason I used bldc is because the vesc tool at the time had sketchy braking in FOC mode (with all vesc).

I think you’ll get plenty of torque.

Lower kv = Less top speed = More torque

I am running 190kv motors with 10S battery, and I can climb any hill I can find. Even with a single motor, I can go up many hills.

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I don’t know enertion but I can confirm that HW4.12 from is reliable for FOC with new FW. It should be safe with 170kv, it’s a fair offer from @telnoi for the 1.1 controller.

It depends on your gearing and wheel size how much torque the 170kv motors can deliver.