Noooob builder question

hi all,

got my trampa completed and its more then i could ever imagine. got it up to 30 without full throttle. way too scared to push its limits.

couple of questions.

i have my sensor wires and motor/vesc wires all soldered up and heatshrinked. i couldn’t fit enough wire loom on either the vesc side or the motor side before soldering. it’s only about 3-4 inches on each side and the loom isn’t malleable enough to fit 6-8 inches on one side while closing connections. any advice? such a simple problem but i can’t think of a solution.

i’ve thought about just electrical taping motor wires together but i don’t want to overheat motor/vesc/wire connections

also, can i get some input on best vesc settings for…

12s7p dual vesc 6 170kv aps motors

appreciate the community! picture attached.

What sort of wire loom are you using?

3/4 inch wire loom is the only stuff i have as of now. same stuff i have in the picture connecting battery to electronic box.

I usually just keep scrunching it up until I can fit the whole length on one side, then put a clip or clamp of some sort on it to keep it from springing back while I plug stuff in.

just found…!