NoSno Mountainboard Trucks (Tough as f..*) for Sale [EU] / (Read last reply)

Hi there! I ordered this board a while ago in hopes to one day turn it into a nice off-road board, though, as it looks like now it might not happen anytime soon so I wanted to see if there is any interest at all!

Im basically located in northern part of europe, so im not super sure yet how much these axles might weight…

Why I ordered the board was because I somewhat Liked the idea of choosing shorter deck and having ‘extension arms’ till the wheels… though looking at it now, it looks like they are quite bulky and adds significant weight to the whole system.

I wont be able to tell how much axle space it was, but so far it looks like these are 10mm axles (will precise it, if theres any interest)

So, here’s how the axles look (you should forget about the deck and wheels, since im probably dismounting them soon and keeping for other projects)

(not the actual board, just different view of the trucks, since they are the same style)

Would like to get at least 60-80 Eur for these axles (2 of them). The boards are usually quite costly themselves, so I would appreciate if the buyer understands this.

i’m in bro! 60 euros plus what ever they cost to ship to me in Au :slight_smile: lets talk they come with the mounting brackets and bushings I assume… you keep the deck how much do you want with the wheels as well, although shipping might blow out?

hah im glad someone knows them at all… ah too bad you are located so far… I assume that shipping anything outside EU, will cost at least 25 - 30 Eur minimum (as it did cost 30 eur to ship to UK, 3kg / 6lbs item once)

I remember i once sent turbo charger back to uk, and it was around 30 eur, so, for you it might be 40 eur extra…(more or less, if it follows same logic)

Anyways I will check up how much they actually weight, as I have to disassemble the trucks then.

For now, I will go to post office page to see what shipping rates they offer at all, as AUS is super far… that is like shipping to china, plus a lot more added to it, so shipping time would probably be 2-3 weeks minimum, too.

On top of that… Im yet to check how good steering they offer at all. The ‘bushings’ seem quite stiff when trying to bend the trucks by hand, so I assume they will work best for high speed runs with not so much turning :slight_smile:

why don’t you want the truck/bushing system? it is the best part! I know the axles are big but… those big dual bushings are what makes the system

Yeh, I should definately try it out with higher speed… the deck is not really suitable for anything in my opinion, as it is just way too flexy :slight_smile:

Ive heard the trucks ar super stable at speed and somewhat should offer decent steering as well… should check this out in real life but then i should reinforce the deck (that is if nobody jumps in and grabs the trucks :wink: )

did it come with the NoSno bindings or? they are sweet AF

Well… I thought to include bindings as well… but they are quite messed up. One brace on each leg is missing, so it is some sort of criss cross system, it can be repaired but it does not look very nice :slight_smile:

Btw check pm, tried to write a couple of longer messages, not sure if u got them

gota go to work, chat latter bro

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Been hoping someone would try and electrify one of these things. Supposed to be badass for down hill fwiu. Assuming the tight trucks are to compensate for the flexy deck.

Seen a few Trampa/Nosno hybrids ‘Nompas’ on the forums:


@benjammin yeh, that was my plan also… axles / trucks sort of seem indestructible, the only ‘weak point’ being the bolt which hold the wheels but it is possible to replace it if it ever breaks at all…

The first picture u showed is with the newer style ‘arms’ havent really seen these in much detail but they do look very interesting.

On a side note, @ noWind seems to be using Flame trucks, they are somewhat similar, only with small cutouts in the axles / round part.

More pics of the trucks / wheels (if someone also interested in them at all) // Sorry for the ‘shed’ pics, thats where the board is stored :smiley:

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How balanced are the tires? What’s price shipped to us

Not sure about balance of the tires… @GhettoFab.rictation

Well, to Australia for trucks only it came at around 45 eur more or less. I would suspect similar price to US.

So about 55 USD in shipping alone to USA.

Add about 50 usd more for wheels (if shipping trucks + wheels)… but as I said, they are sort of old school, would just recommend to get some proper ones locally.

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Dang if it wasn’t that much for shipping I’d buy those monsters thank you for fast reply!

yeh, it adds up a lot.

Well… if nobody takes them I hope they survive a few years lol till I might get bigger budget for things like this, build proper off-road board, then maybe sell it off to someone else If I decide not to use it :slight_smile:

Ive got plans for a few other things, so this off road type board will probably need to wait quite a bit. Thats why I decided to maybe part out the good parts, so someone can just build straight away and it doesnt sit there waiting for other parts to come in (which wont happen soon, unfortunately)

And yeh, bear in mind these trucks are heavy, not sure how much stock mountainboard / spring trucks weight, but that long aluminium bar adds up a lot of weight, including the huge diameter rod, holding the axle screws.

Trucks weight about 7 pounds in clean weight (without packing material), so yeh with packing it would be legit 8 pounds

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Haha I’m on the same type budget :laughing: yeah that’s going to look unique I’ll love to see it! If I don’t try to buy them before you start your build I might make some

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yeh, will throw in the video, where Ive seen an electric NoSno… Bear in mind, it’s really rare (at least online) to see electric NoSno board… hah

From the videos it does look like ‘hard bindings’ are necessary to make the turns :slight_smile:

Maybe @Nowind or @Duffman has tried Electric noSno as I think they participated in German offroad eboard event :wink:

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how much for the trucks only?

Update to the post:

Due to shipping and other hassle, as of now I would like to get at least 80 Eur for these 2 trucks / NoSno Axles.

Shipping to USA / Canada, with regular mail (1.5 - 2weeks shipping time minimum) is about:

40 - 45 USD

To Europe and other closer destinations:

Up to 30 Eur (no more)

So 110 - 125 Eur === (130 - 150 USD) Total cost for these trucks…

Offer valid till spring/summer, as of now I dont have any plans for these trucks yet…

During summer will see what I will do with them…

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Bump! Still selling them…

Price is 70 eur for a set + 40 eur for original wheels.

Axle is 12mm.

Cant tell lenght of hanger yet but it is somewhat wider than regular mountainboard skate trucks (to which I can compare).

Shipping cost.

Depends on location but was estimated at:

Outside of EU = ~45Eur

Inside EU = ~25 Eur might be possible.

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Another Bump! This time, selling both trucks (without wheels) for:

50 Eur (“Winter Sale”) + Shipping Cost

Shipping to USA, possibly other destinations:

65 Eur


(if, Inside of EU:)

+ 40 - 45 Eur


90 - 115 Eur for this ‘kit’


(Trucks same as mine, except mine doesnt have holes at the axle ends)