Not a rant - wait time estimate

Hello, I have a battery on order from (10s2p) and I don’t want to annoy them with emails since they are already behind (after the accident, big orders), so i’m wondering if anyone here have had an order with them recently and could tell me how long you waited to get your stuff (batteries mainly).

I’m currently on day 14 of the “shipped in 10-15 business days”

My order date, May 31 -18.

Oh - thats bad news. my order is june 10 and now i fear the summer will be over before i get the battery;(

A link to a recent similar topic. I replied there.

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Will check it out, thanks :slight_smile:

@fottaz is your man for this, he’s snowed under afaik but get’s the job done to a high degree of quality. It might be time to consider getting a second pair of hands Alberto!

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I think we are chatting on whatsapp, I’m sorry that accident didn’t help, and queue got big. We are improving battery production and hope to dispatch everything faster, I would say 2-3 weeks more + the 10-15 business days!


I have my fingers crossed^^ Thanks for the update - really appreciate it!

I Ordered 2 enclosures on June 10. Still in processing now too. Hoping to get them by mid July.

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Yang, no worries, I have some bulk thermoforming production in program and you are the next in the queue!

Yes we were. For all others looking at this thread, I refunded because I needed it faster, but I can strongly recommend euskating just on the costumer support alone they are wonderful to work with.

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Order #5530 Shipped: 16.7.2018 Received: 23.7.2018

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