Not an esk8, buut it's for my girlfriend 😈

Two months ago i embarked on the challenge of building my girlfriend an electrified scooter so she could ride with me. I did this while simultaneously building my first esk8 which has already been shared on this forum. Today, i completed that mission! Still have to do some finishing touches to seal off the motor and electronics but it runs! Started with a mongoose expo 12" scooter. Threw away everything but the central frame and built everything else from scratch as i built it with help from my works cnc machine and a coworker for a weld. Used a 10s 14ah ebike battery, 800 watt 36volt ebike controller, 800 watt brushed motor and a thumb throttle/power switch. Well, here it is :sunglasses: i will add the early pics later



Looks good. I like the big wheels and that huge handle bar.

U should paint some flowers on top of the battery and the motor… would look way more suited to the pink style it has :smiley: otherwise the motor / battery thing makes this thing ‘beasty’’… sort of like girlish ride crossed with some mean metal chopper type vehicle :smiley:

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@Okami, that’s exactly what i was going for :sunglasses: wasnt about to let my girl ride some embarrassing little folding scooter​:joy:

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How much did it end up costing? How fast does it go?

@Decdog, It costed around $700 roughly and i havent been able to do any speed tests. The weather here in Seattle isnt the best right now😑 also still need to finish covering the electronics and the motor and addressable leds underneath😁

Looks awesome! Yea i was gonna suggest covering the chain drive, but it seems y’all got that figured out already. Super cool.

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Those handle bars are OUTRAGEOUS! Where you get that bamboo ply from, looks so nice.

But what we all want to know is… can it pop a wheelie?

@lrdesigns, no wheelies capable unfortunately lol but the motor is surprisingly quiet. Update, ive covered the motor with custom cnc box and sealed electronics with tupperware and hot glue😁

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