Not sure if these will fit each other (Battery, Motor, Vesc)

Will this 10.5ah 6s3p 24v Batteri E-sykkel Ebike Elektrisk Sykkel Li-ion Tilpassbar 190x72x40mm | Fruugo NO (Norwegian description trnslated: Nominal voltage: 24VBattery capacity: 10.5AhSize: 190x72x40mmOutput voltage: 16.5-25.2VCombination method: 6 series 3 parallelNumber batteries: 18pcsSingle cell size: Diameter 18mm x height 65mmTotal weight: 900gSupport motor power: 50W-more than you need if you need more , I can customize it for you Charging current support: 0.2A-8A The battery has a built-in BMS protection card The battery has short circuit protection, overload protection, overcharge protection, overload protection and overcurrent protection. Internal battery: Large branded battery. high quality Lifecycle: more than 1000 timesApplication range: Electric bicycles, aircraft models, power tools, battery diy, Golf carts, sightseeing buses, electric motorcycles, electric wheelchairs, etc.)

Fit this motor and VESC?

I unfortunately can’t answer this. Sorry friend.