Not that anyone cares, disappearing for 24hrs to win a challenge

My woman friend thinks I’m on here too much so I bet her I can stay off here for 24 hours, wager is dinner. So…Be back in 24hrs.


i’ll start hitting you up on instagram!

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pffft - good luck with that. You’ll be checking in again in an hour :joy:

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Just stop in a drive through now and declare her the winner and move on


Is she worth the effort?

Free food is free food

If she’s offered dessert :wink: guarantee he’s already turned his phone off lol


won the challenge.

she’s paying for dinner at bestia whenever we can get a table.


Worst 24hours of your life? :wink:

I really can’t believe we are letting him off this easy…

Half this forum should have gave him shit for posting this thread lol

Best we could muster was call him pussy whipped lol


Exactly lol I don’t even know him,if I did the banter levels would have been through the roof!!

The fact is most men would trade anything for top shelf (uhhhhhmmmm). That being said, @thisguyhere, you should be ashamed for doing it so openly. You have set chauvinist males back 20 years and as a southern aristocrat I do not appreciate it… " Sipping on a 7 year old single malt



As long as there is beer involved, I understand.:beers:

definitely cold sweats and hard jones

how dare you…i’m not whipped, you’re whipped…how’s that for a comeback.

but i got a dinner out of it…i think there’s something to be said about that.

i was about a sixer in when i made the bet and definitely putting a bottle of wine on the dinner too. :thumbsup: :eggplant:

Lol… man… we all suck lol :joy:

We can’t get this shit giving right at all.

Closing thread.

Everyone move along…Go build or break something.

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