Now that we have idlers, we should try HTD 3 belts

It used to be that tooth skipping forced us to use HTD 5 belts. But now that we have idlers, someone needs to bite the bullet and build an HTD 3 system. You can get much more aggressive gearing that way (Boosted uses 17:56 with HTD3), which would mean we could use higher Kv motors, which can handle much more torque.

Anyone want to try it?

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why don’t you? for science of course

Just send me the parts and I’ll build it lol.

Yeah I should! But wouldn’t YOU rather own the glory of revealing this awesome new technique to the community :-p

Sadly, I’m using HK mounts that are probably the LEAST idler-ready mounts of any on the market…

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:joy::joy: if this hobby hadn’t sent me broke i probably would!!


Or leave belts altogether for gears :slight_smile:


right? It’s never ending…

To help encourage someone to try this though, moving from 6354 200 Kv motors to 6354 260 Kv increases max current by 25%! That means without changing out any of your electronics, that’s a 25% increase in power! With HTD3 belts, one could conceivably translate all that extra power to a 25% increase in torque.

In fact, 6354 260 Kv motors have the same current rating as 6374 200 Kv motors. So you could achieve the same power as dual 6374, without having to fiddle with crazy extended trucks, an while saving close to 800g, or almost 2 fricking lbs of deck weight.

Why belts and not gears? Belts are cheap, they’re pretty quiet, they are easy to swap out gear ratios, and I’ve yet to see a gearbox achieve a gear ratio of greater than 3:1 and clear the ground with 80mm wheels the way Boosted does it.

If someone wants to send me some htd3 pullies and belts I’m down I have marcmt88 dual idler mounts

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:point_up_2: … let the race begin!



Just going to say this. I’m pretty much the only person on the forum here running a 10mm width 3M HTD using 32/48 ratio at 10S with a 149KV motor. I can do 18 teeth for the driving pulley, but I’ve stripped my belts. I think 22 teeth pulley should stop me from stripping my belts.

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Are you sure about that? Apart from being able to use more accurate gearing with HTD3, I’m not convinced that gap in power will be what you think.

At the end of the day, what makes mechanical power in a motor is 1)more copper and thickest possible windings ; 2)larger diameter ; 3)best possible heat dissipation and 4)wider motor to add more copper and magnetic flux.

So main obstacle is : can your motor use the extra amps effectively without reaching saturation? Which equals thicker windings from start.

boosted already does this since so long i can’t even remember. (using htd3)

Sure but I suppose many boards here outrun a Boosted in its best spec as far as acceleration goes, not even talking about to speed.

I simply wonder if the extra reduction with higher Kv motors will make a big difference or a negligible one. Unless motors are simply bigger, and you can already do it with what’s available.

Edit : If it does, people here will build savage beasts :fire:

Vanarian, yup! Check out my other post

Higher kv = more current. Power = voltage * current, so that means higher kv = more power. We just need the gearing to convert that power to a useful rpm range (where htd3 should shine), and possibly vesc 6s to not blow up at higher erpms

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