Nrf and uart control

can someone explain to me how the nrf on vesc mode works? i would like a arduino transmitter and i have twonrf24l01 module. if I have to connect hm-10 I have to put vesc in uart and ppm mode?



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If you have NRF and are gonna use nunchuckcontrol you will need two ESC… Bluetooth and nunchuck nrf can’t share a UART serial connection.

Your NRF -> Arduino will have to output ppm not uart if you want to use both Bluetooth and “NRF” with a ppm stream on a single vesc.

This will also mean your Arduino cannot get telemetry data… As ppm is a one way timing packet protocol, non telem.


but what changes to put nrf and ppm?

? What do you mean?

Option 1 If you want to run UART Bluetooth module and PPM… change it to ppm and uart on the application tab…

Option 2 You can’t run UART Bluetooth and Nunchuckcontrol on the same vesc …there’s only one uart port pinned out…uart is not a bus so single device only. You’ll need two VESC to do this

uart I need to see the charge battery on the app. and I would like to connect a radio control made with arduino, joystick, nrf24 but I do not know how to connect it

You can’t do both on one esc you’ll need two vesc one for Bluetooth one for uart nunchuck

Ah okay thanks