Nuclear Batteries 🤯

Prototype nuclear battery packs 10 times more power than ordinary chemical batteries

@mmaner, I’ll see your lightning powered murder board and raise you one nuclear powered battery! :boom:


So 10 times more energy but not rechargeable? No thank you. Also funny how they mix up power and energy

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That would pair well with the current “murder” motif :grinning:


imagine u crash into wall, those batteries fly around starts chain reaction. it will be Hiroshima all over. lol. I remember in early 2000 GM tried to make nuclear fision car. They couln’t get approval so it remained as a concept. But it was totally doable

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I don’t think Nickel-63 can become supercritical

Nuclear batteries sounds great! When you run out of juice you just go to your local Mc-Donalds and ask for pink slime.


probably not but sure will be radio active tho:nauseated_face:, and it will burn quite well too

Likely future research will also explore carbon at some point:

There is an alternative radioisotope for use in nuclear batteries: Dimond converters could be made using radioactive carbon-14, which has an extremely long half-life of 5,700 years.

and work on increasing the voltage per cell (it is currently only around 1V/1uA, from memory ):

developing a diamond p-i-n structure with a controlled doping profile would boost voltage and therefore could increase the power output of the battery at least by a factor of three.

yes, it needs to be cost effective. also if we ever use this tech, we likely toss them after done. than u get problem with how or where we toss them. it well ended up paying extra fee because of this. not just manufacturing or getting a chamber to keep it safe.