Numerous boards and parts for sale

So I’m completely new to using this forum but I have been building and buying e-boards for about 4 years. In that time period I’ve amassed quite a bit of equipment and materials that I need to thin out in order to continue with my newer projects. In addition, I don’t know about the rest of you, but what I’ve discovered in my years is, truth be told, you can really only enjoy one board at a time. It might be great to own 9 or 10 boards but most of them don’t get used. I’m going to try and thin it down to 2 boards. I can’t figure out how to enter any pics to this forum (if its even possible). Probably the best thing I can do is give a dedicated e-mail to this endeavor and have individuals contact me. Now, before there is a onslaught of activity I will state this. I am NOT looking to simply get rid of these things. They will be offered at a fair price. If you’re looking for some extreme liquidation please go elsewhere. Large amounts of time and expense where give to each of these items whether they were simply purchased or actually created. Also, if you are located outside the US you MUST be prepared to pay any and all taxes and shipping associated with getting the item(s) to your country. I’m not sure about shipping boards with batteries installed(might not be possible) but that will be up to you to find out. No items will be shipped unless funds(in US dollars) are delivered and confirmed first prior to shipping. Insurance is up to you and will be added to final price depending upon how much you want. That being said please send inquiries to [email protected] I can provide pictures of anything I have directly to you with prices. I am also open to any fair offers. Ridiculous offers will not get a reply. I don’t want to waste your time or mine. Things I have/ Original Enertion e-board with charger/ Complete(unused) Raptor 1 with Carbon deck. Absolute mint./ 3 complete e-baords utilizing exertion components and space cells/ several unused newer VESC’s/ Numerous decks good for e-board building/ Several unused motors–can provide list/ numerous older trucks with hangers built onto the truck designed and built by california company/ I will add more as I organize.

List out your parts with pictures and prices than.


Click this to post pictures.

Pictures and prices are required for sales threads

Understood. I just realized how to upload pictures so I will post.


Come on! I think I speak for everyone when I say we want to see this absolute mint raptor :stuck_out_tongue:


Any of them single focboxes? If so, for what price?


I know @SkateYS has a 1.7focbox that I didnt want as part of a trade… It didnt look ready for riding but once he repairs it im sure it will be fine :man_shrugging:


We are waiting!

@Jojosensor waiting for you to post pics and prices


Hello. If the Raptor 1 carbon deck is still available, I’m interested.

he hasnt responded to anyone

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