[NY, USA] WTB (2x) xt90 Male to xt60 Female

I would like to buy these ASAP as im leaving for a trip shortly :slight_smile:

What part of NY? I can make some for you

Westchester area, 914(area code)/10605(zip)

I’m in woodmere NY

But I would need you to send me the pieces

unfortunately I dont have the time to have them shipped to me and then to you, im hoping to get this build rolling in time for my trip (7/5/18)

Oh shit same, Im in New Rochelle (10805) I can make the connector in a couple minutes if you want to come pick it up or something

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holy moly awesome!!!

unfortunately I cant pick it up today though haha, maybe tomorrow? just lmk whats good for you

Haha I’m surprised to see another builder in this area

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Ive seen laxxtore or whatever his name is on reddit around Larchmont… maybe there are more than we think :thinking:

Hmmm Larchmont is like a 15 minute ride away from me, maybe we can have a meetup sometime haha

that would be great haha… gotta stay out of whiteplains though ;-; the roads here are such garbage

I know man… and white plains more like white hills, and the road near Saxone Woods is the worst, went there for the first time and that will be my last aswell

you’re telling me!!! haha almost got my soul snatched by some old hag driving an escalade…

send me a pm for a meeting place and I can see what days I have off work :slight_smile:

Already did! Check your messages