NYC area, looking to make a battery pack with someones help!

Hi everyone, im looking for someone in the NYC area that has experience making a battery pack, and who has the required tools to do so. Obviously payment can be spoken about. I would supply the cells unless they have some that I can purchase, and whatever else needs to get grabbed will. Keep in mind, ive got almost no knowledge.

im also looking to make one because im the single reason my space cell is now murdered… :frowning:

also how do i go about disposing lipos? the total charge on the space cell pack is 19.5V… X.X

Hey man you should send @scepterr a message. I’ve been to his shop in Brooklyn a few times and he has all the tools/knowledge necessary to help you out (he also has a bunch of cool boards in the works you can drool over)

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Wow this is amazing news! Thank you!!!

I’ll see what I can do, maybe he can help me tweak my board even more :slight_smile:

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He built my battery and he will build it however you want

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