NYC Battery Loan Service

Hey guys, so with everybody shipping batteries back and worth when traveling and/or making modular, removable packs to fly with, would there be interest in renting battery packs while visiting NYC? I haven’t worked out any costs yet but I would say comparable to shipping your battery back and forth.

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I think there would be interest, but the big challenge would be having packs that work with peoples boards. There isn’t one standard pack configuration or size. So building a pack that would work with most set-ups, and fit in their enclosures, and work with their “pack accessories” (anti-spark, battery meter, charge port) would be difficult because everyone’s set-up is different


Well there would be a couple available options in terms of pack configurations, itll come with a loop key. It’s not meant to be a 100% identical replacement to the battery you’re using, just one close enough to work

As long as it comes with a charger or if you’d provide adapters, one could just remove enclosure and charge through the xt60-discharge port? Sound like a really nice idea @scepterr !

Yeah I would have chargers too They would have charge only BMS attached

That sounds nice

I think I’ll be doing 10s3p and 12s3p flatpacks maybe 1 or 2 10s4p, just figure 3p will fit in the most enclosures. As for pricing, I’m thinking like $50 first day, $15 each additional day, charger included. Don’t hold me to any of that, just thinking out loud :yum:

What flatpack would you want?

  • 10S3P 30Q
  • 10S4P 30Q
  • 12S3P 30Q

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If you want to do a battery loan service, you’re better off targeting the higher-endowed demographic of esk8ers. I’m talking rental battery packs for Boosted Board, inboard, and onewheel riders. Of this small market, you’ll probably find the most luck marketing to those who often do long group rides. This is especially true for boosted board riders who end up having to charge every half fucking hour during a 2-3 hour long group ride.

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You mean just to have batteries to rent for locals who want to do long rides but can’t on a single pack?

Yep. You got it.

There are already board rental places that do that, I don’t know if I wanna compete at their prices…too low and they’re better located for that than I am

Nobody caters to diy esk8 though

The problem is that renting a battery has a very niche purpose. I would outright just build/buy my own battery immediately rather than rent one for a third the cost it would take to buy said battery in the first place.

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Well that’s why I’m asking here, it’s mainly intended for the people here and if nobody wants it, I won’t do it :grin: Pricing is nowhere near fixed, take that as the absolute max possible