NYC Commuter ESK8 | Dual Carvon 2.5 | 12s1P 26650 a123 lifepo4

NYC Commuter Board (Full imgur photo set

First of all I owe this build to @cmatson and his Pocket Rocket build ( and @RunPlayBack and his Jet Tomahawk Dual Carvon Build ( Without their documentation I would have never attempted my this.

The goal was to create a stealthy small esk8 to take around my hood for errands and whatnot. Dependable hardware was a must.

Motors I used Paracord to sleeve the motor wires. Since I weigh 185-195 depending on the week. @LEVer suggested I go with his dual hub. I actually purchased the v2.0 hubs first but I replaced them as soon as he announced the v2.5 with a lower kv for better acceleration. After a couple days with the dual hubs I think I could have gone with the single hub motors. These things are fast! I always ease up on the throttle and I don’t think I’ve come close to their full potential. I’m being very careful because of everyone horror stories posted here.

Battery After seeing @RunPlayBack ’s A2ESK8 Old School Mini Cruiser and reading about the benefits of using a compact 12s1p LiFePO4 systemI decided to go with the same battery. At the time, the only place I knew to get one prebuilt was to get one through Unfortunately, it was not yet ready to ship. I was warned it would take a few weeks to ship. Turns out it took 3 Months and 8 Days! It was so hard to see my deck all setup without a battery all summer. I think they have it all worked out now but if you order one you should definitely check when they can ship it out before. I have yet to see how much range I get out of it. But I road it for a few miles and I didn’t feel any loss of power the whole time.

Enclosure I went with Psycotiller. He made me a perfect enclosure for this build. (1.5in x 6.25in x 15.25in) with a .5” flange. This was perfect for my build. I think I may go back and have him remake it and just add a little more thickness. Things are definitely packed inside, I forgot to account for the concave of the board. Im afraid its adding some stress to the battery and vescs.

Speed Controller Ollie Vescs 4.12. Firmware 2.18 Now I have to admit. I was too excited and just plugged in @RunPlayBack ’s vesc settings from and it just worked. I will go back and fine-tune it soon. Im not using the can bus connector. More on that later.

Remote I have a nano, 2.4Ghz mini remote - Trigger Style, and a GT2B remote. I haven’t even tried the nano or mini remotes yet because of all the complaints here. I got the GT2B last and modded it. It was super easy and I haven’t had a problem with it yet. As for the receiver I used a y spitter (with the red wire cut on one end) to connect the receiver to the two vescs. @LEVer said this was better.

Current VESC settings on each VESC (please tell me if Im doing this wrong for a 12s1p battery) Firmware 2.18 I haven’t touched App Configuration yet. :-/

Carvon Dual Hub v2.5 Motors (

DIYelectricSkateboard 12S1P A123 26650 EPOWER Battery (

Psycotiller’s Custom Enclosure (

Ollin VESC 4.12 - Vedder’s Speed Controller (

GT2B Modded Remote (

Arbor 2016 Rally - Groundswell Series Deck (

Bern Unlimited Brentwood Summer Helmet with Flip Visor (

Paracord Planet 650 Nylon Parachute Cord (

Uxcell Silicone USB Port Cover Anti Dust Protector (

RAYSUN 30CM 3Pin Male to 2 Female JR Servo Extension Y Splitter (

E-Z Lok Threaded Insert (

Stardrift 3mm Inner Diameter Ferrite Core (


Very tidy mate! Love the idea of using paracord outer for the motor wires, such a smart look and opens up so many aesthetic possibilities


Looks awesome man! I’m to remake my old rally soon, so hopefully it’ll look this good in the end

Great post! Very descriptive, it will surely help someone else out. Thanks for sharing!

@mikey you can set a cap on the the VESCs to limit top speed; help keep yourself out of trouble. ERPM settings. great build! Love the paracord wrap!

@treenutter I used runplaybacks settings. It’s totally controllable and feels great. I’m more worried about other issues like stuck throttle and unexpected braking.

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This is awesome man. I was in NYC last week, would have totally checked it out! Ahh well next time! :slight_smile:

@RunPlayBack Thanks! Yeah that would have been rad to meet you and get your feedback on my build. Next time hit me up!

Also 1 quick question. I used your settings from your dual carvon build running on 10s and my build is running 12s1p LiFePO4. Do I need to change my Bat Max: from 15.00 A to 20.00 A?

These are my current settings for my 12s1p LiFePO4 Mini Cruiser Carvon V2.5

Motor Max: 60.00 A Motor Min: -60.00 A Bat Max: 40.00 A Batt Min: -12.00 A Absolute Max: 130.00 A Max ERPM: 60000.00 Min input voltage: 8.00 V Max input voltage: 57.00 V Battery cut off start: 33.00 V Battery cut off end: 30.00 V

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